Monday, November 21, 2011


What Else Would Madame DeFarge Knit?  How about some Opera gloves or Miss Bennetts Fluttering Hankie?  Yup I was just sent my congratulatory e-mail stating that I made the final cut to be included in that book and was asked for submissions to the next TWO books!  How cool is that?!!

Right on the heels of that message I received another asking for my URL's from as they are loading free patterns up there.  They have my mini-ebook on beading socks and the shawl pattern from sock yarn.  Great day and very timely as I was alone all day from morning to night and really needed a pep up.

Continuing to compile my book as much as I can handle working on it and now will be working over patterns for the next book.


  1. Me! Me! oh pick me to test knit.

  2. HAHA guess you want to TK? e-mail me so I can save your contact info and get you a contract out.

  3. Waving hand from the back of the please! (did you ever get the signed page from the contract you emailed me that I sent via snail mail to you?)

  4. Ooh, Ooh, I love test knitting! And I love lace. And cables. And you don't know me, but I really like your work.
    lindaran on Rav