Monday, November 7, 2011

Octagon Quilt

Of late I have needed a new lapgan so I decided to go with an Octagon and square mosaic type of quilt.  It's stuffed and I will only need a small amount of them.

Octagon Lapghan
After having another major dye day I am feeling pretty steamrollered so I need to have at least a day in bed to recover.  I would have been fine except I made the mistake of leaving the house on Saturday and having a bang up collision with the back of my wheel chair which collapses.  I was on a ramp booking along downhill without power (it's electric) when someone who shall remain nameless flipped the switch and pushed all their weight into the back.  Yes the same back with degenerative disk, arthritis coupled with FMS which makes for one big mess.

The good news is that all the dyeing for MBH is complete as is a good bit of payment dyeing for the peeps working on my book is done as well.  No more dyeing till at least next month.  More good news is the third times indeed the charm as The Raven is looking SMASHING!  I can't believe this last one it's GORGEOUS, no you can't see!  ;-)  I do have the samples I can sell but all on the QT,,, you need to agree NOT to share photos of it till after The Raven goes live.  Almost 1800 yards of lace weight, PM me if you are interested.

Other then that business as usual and all's going well.

Another use for my best b-present

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