Saturday, November 19, 2011

My Bleeding Heart KAL begins

It has BEGUN!  Race to KAL clues print and CAST ON!  I'm so excited, if you are even HALF as excited you are on top of the world.  I have been working on the Socks for this KAL (shh no you can't have them till the end) but am tempted to get back to my shawl now that you have been let in on the secret which has been so hard for me to keep!  ;-)   Here's the URL to cast on over in Rav: MBH at Rav
Post your yarn and beads and progress.  I can't wait to see all of these beauties come together.  Just WAIT till you see the entire thing.  WAIT till you see all the stuff I flood you with at the end!  This is so NOT your average KAL.  LOL but then I'm not your average designer either. 
Did I tell you?  The pattern writing for my color work book is FINISHED! I'm so on cloud 9!  It's great to have jumped that hurdle, now I will have to deal with editors and layout which will be a nightmare (Pubs general   words not mine) AND I get to design what ever my little heart desires now, work on presents, dye my heart out and in general take a much MUCH MUCH needed break.  OOOOOO found some lovely violet-black with hot pink and a touch of blue that reads very dark violet-black the other day.  
I dyed the 2 skeins of sock a couple of years ago...POISEN...  I believe that I might have done it to make leggings out of.  
Pulled out a top down coat that I dyed too, evidently I was depressed while dyeing as it's bright,
LOUD right!, hot pink, green, orange and brown WOW is it screaming!  Will have to loose all that dyeing with some hot pink afterwards as it's soooooo loud.  Or perhaps a light pink dip dyes in order here?  Hum,,, I have nothing in brown that would look nice too with all the under colors.  Will have to see, time will tell.
Did you also know that the first book I was in is coming out to the e-reader?  I just found out due to the sales that came in.  This is the What Would Madame DeFarge Knit book that I wrote a dye section for.  You can get it here on the right.... if you click through that URL and get ANY book that Co-operative Press has printed then I will get a bit o'change.
     This cable hats a present, there will be matching gloves.  I'm either going to overdye the entire thing or paint the ribbing black.  That decision will be made after then are completed.  Yes, my own design, simple 8 4  cables on purl background with a k1tbl.  You can SOOO do this too.
     These bookmarks are so much fun and just took a few hours to make.  
From left to right:
Brussel sprouts in green varigated
Spider with web
Ginko Baloba from Drew Emborsky
Apple (my own design)
Snake ("   "   " you can't see his forked tongue!)
Carrot also my own design
Trellis of Lace

 Progress on my cable sweater, the sleeves are on. No there's no pattern, my own design.

 MMario KAL through 1/4th or so of clue 2.

My hand spun baby alpaca with a bit of cream silk merino... thinking about making some more fingerless gloves from these or spinning more and knitting up a shrug to keep my arthritic arms warm in the cold dark nights.  I hope you are as happy as I am.  Swimming right along over here.

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