Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Grape PJ's, & presents galore

Well I really shouldn't talk about presents now should I?  Suffice to say that I have finished a MAJOR project and a smaller one to go with as the recipient surely would see a photo and then my surprise would be bango!

Why haven't you seen hide nor hair of me?  Well I have been radically busy dyeing Meldy Deep for the My Bleeding Heart KAL,,, each time I dye I'm set back for a week.  Then I dye again LOL fortunatley my LAST dye day has been set and there will be no future set backs at least till next year.  YEAH!

The only knitting I have been doing is on presents as we have a run of birthday's coming up and Christmas all rolled into one so must needs to be knitting.  DD and I did make a special dye job of our own on our last dye day.  We used up all the fingering with gold and silver... she's got the gold and I got the silver.  They are all black and red and we are doing sweaters... color work.  She's cranking on me!  OH you need to see my birthday present she made for me!  This is awesome, it's a cape style hoodie with a scarf!  She's just grab stitchionary's and cranked it out.  These are my favorite colors and she knows it.  It goes perfect with my winter coat too as she just the multi color I put into that.  Then there's the lace in the multi, different color and pattern for the frame of the face and another color and pattern for the scarf. I tell you she's a genius!  I want her to write the well... I can't say now can I? WAAAa so much I can't share.  The other thing that makes this perfect, in the winter my neck arthritis hurts something awful and so I'm forever wrapping up in a shawl... now I have my Scoodie to wrap up in instead.  Probably time to stop typing when you start to make up words!

Spoke with my publisher today and my book can get slotted for after Christmas IF we can pull it together by then.  We are all hard at work,,, well I am, I only have TWO test knitters working currently and I must needs write and be quiet and well slept to do so.

A few photos for you.  This is my Boo in his new sweater for this year... still can't find the sweater I used his hair I'd spun to make.  Really bummed at the loss!

 This ferocious guy comes to see me on a daily basis now that he knows he can get food from me.  Silly old bear clucks like a girl and wheezes after every TO OFTEN crow.
 The boys.  Just had to get this in there.  Aren't they cute!  They get along well enough to sleep on the same bed!  FINALLY!
Other then that all's well here.  Hope you are all well too.

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