Friday, November 4, 2011

Book Deadline!

It's upon me!  My TKers and I are trucking right long.... so if you don't hear from me that's precisely why!  I'm busy writing, charting, swatching and pulling MY HAIR OUT!  HAHA  I have about 45 days to get everything in and shipped back out again!  SHESH really!  45 days! NO WAY!  crazy but she wants it all by the 1st of the year.

The good news is that I began compilation and so far so good.  It's also pushed me to get the few last items done. There's a sweater, shawl and a cowl out.  Now I have to write the vest which is the last large project.  After that there are a few small items, hats and bags I believe... or perhaps not as I haven't taken a complete count yet and I'm not sure how many items I have.  Most books have about 15 items and I was shooting for a good many more then that.  We'll see. 

My Pub did tell me that my Editor is going to have a fit when they see it.  :-(  I write the things and don't speak puter so it's difficult but I will come out the better for the beatings I'm sure.

DS has been baking up a storm of late.  He made a lovely gluten free bread the other day and is normally found flipping pancakes or waffles at least once a week.  We had a family meeting last night as I'm a bit stressed and there's no food churning through.  So we now have a list of what they can make and they are going to start a chart of who's cooking what when.  This way I wont have to worry that they aren't eating right which will be a good respite as I never ever spare moment. 

Speaking of which,,, must needs be back to work.  Hope you are all cruising through and taking every chance to enjoy yourselves!  Have a super dee dooper day!

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