Monday, November 21, 2011


What Else Would Madame DeFarge Knit?  How about some Opera gloves or Miss Bennetts Fluttering Hankie?  Yup I was just sent my congratulatory e-mail stating that I made the final cut to be included in that book and was asked for submissions to the next TWO books!  How cool is that?!!

Right on the heels of that message I received another asking for my URL's from as they are loading free patterns up there.  They have my mini-ebook on beading socks and the shawl pattern from sock yarn.  Great day and very timely as I was alone all day from morning to night and really needed a pep up.

Continuing to compile my book as much as I can handle working on it and now will be working over patterns for the next book.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

My Bleeding Heart KAL begins

It has BEGUN!  Race to KAL clues print and CAST ON!  I'm so excited, if you are even HALF as excited you are on top of the world.  I have been working on the Socks for this KAL (shh no you can't have them till the end) but am tempted to get back to my shawl now that you have been let in on the secret which has been so hard for me to keep!  ;-)   Here's the URL to cast on over in Rav: MBH at Rav
Post your yarn and beads and progress.  I can't wait to see all of these beauties come together.  Just WAIT till you see the entire thing.  WAIT till you see all the stuff I flood you with at the end!  This is so NOT your average KAL.  LOL but then I'm not your average designer either. 
Did I tell you?  The pattern writing for my color work book is FINISHED! I'm so on cloud 9!  It's great to have jumped that hurdle, now I will have to deal with editors and layout which will be a nightmare (Pubs general   words not mine) AND I get to design what ever my little heart desires now, work on presents, dye my heart out and in general take a much MUCH MUCH needed break.  OOOOOO found some lovely violet-black with hot pink and a touch of blue that reads very dark violet-black the other day.  
I dyed the 2 skeins of sock a couple of years ago...POISEN...  I believe that I might have done it to make leggings out of.  
Pulled out a top down coat that I dyed too, evidently I was depressed while dyeing as it's bright,
LOUD right!, hot pink, green, orange and brown WOW is it screaming!  Will have to loose all that dyeing with some hot pink afterwards as it's soooooo loud.  Or perhaps a light pink dip dyes in order here?  Hum,,, I have nothing in brown that would look nice too with all the under colors.  Will have to see, time will tell.
Did you also know that the first book I was in is coming out to the e-reader?  I just found out due to the sales that came in.  This is the What Would Madame DeFarge Knit book that I wrote a dye section for.  You can get it here on the right.... if you click through that URL and get ANY book that Co-operative Press has printed then I will get a bit o'change.
     This cable hats a present, there will be matching gloves.  I'm either going to overdye the entire thing or paint the ribbing black.  That decision will be made after then are completed.  Yes, my own design, simple 8 4  cables on purl background with a k1tbl.  You can SOOO do this too.
     These bookmarks are so much fun and just took a few hours to make.  
From left to right:
Brussel sprouts in green varigated
Spider with web
Ginko Baloba from Drew Emborsky
Apple (my own design)
Snake ("   "   " you can't see his forked tongue!)
Carrot also my own design
Trellis of Lace

 Progress on my cable sweater, the sleeves are on. No there's no pattern, my own design.

 MMario KAL through 1/4th or so of clue 2.

My hand spun baby alpaca with a bit of cream silk merino... thinking about making some more fingerless gloves from these or spinning more and knitting up a shrug to keep my arthritic arms warm in the cold dark nights.  I hope you are as happy as I am.  Swimming right along over here.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Octagon Quilt

Of late I have needed a new lapgan so I decided to go with an Octagon and square mosaic type of quilt.  It's stuffed and I will only need a small amount of them.

Octagon Lapghan
After having another major dye day I am feeling pretty steamrollered so I need to have at least a day in bed to recover.  I would have been fine except I made the mistake of leaving the house on Saturday and having a bang up collision with the back of my wheel chair which collapses.  I was on a ramp booking along downhill without power (it's electric) when someone who shall remain nameless flipped the switch and pushed all their weight into the back.  Yes the same back with degenerative disk, arthritis coupled with FMS which makes for one big mess.

The good news is that all the dyeing for MBH is complete as is a good bit of payment dyeing for the peeps working on my book is done as well.  No more dyeing till at least next month.  More good news is the third times indeed the charm as The Raven is looking SMASHING!  I can't believe this last one it's GORGEOUS, no you can't see!  ;-)  I do have the samples I can sell but all on the QT,,, you need to agree NOT to share photos of it till after The Raven goes live.  Almost 1800 yards of lace weight, PM me if you are interested.

Other then that business as usual and all's going well.

Another use for my best b-present

Friday, November 4, 2011

Book Deadline!

It's upon me!  My TKers and I are trucking right long.... so if you don't hear from me that's precisely why!  I'm busy writing, charting, swatching and pulling MY HAIR OUT!  HAHA  I have about 45 days to get everything in and shipped back out again!  SHESH really!  45 days! NO WAY!  crazy but she wants it all by the 1st of the year.

The good news is that I began compilation and so far so good.  It's also pushed me to get the few last items done. There's a sweater, shawl and a cowl out.  Now I have to write the vest which is the last large project.  After that there are a few small items, hats and bags I believe... or perhaps not as I haven't taken a complete count yet and I'm not sure how many items I have.  Most books have about 15 items and I was shooting for a good many more then that.  We'll see. 

My Pub did tell me that my Editor is going to have a fit when they see it.  :-(  I write the things and don't speak puter so it's difficult but I will come out the better for the beatings I'm sure.

DS has been baking up a storm of late.  He made a lovely gluten free bread the other day and is normally found flipping pancakes or waffles at least once a week.  We had a family meeting last night as I'm a bit stressed and there's no food churning through.  So we now have a list of what they can make and they are going to start a chart of who's cooking what when.  This way I wont have to worry that they aren't eating right which will be a good respite as I never ever spare moment. 

Speaking of which,,, must needs be back to work.  Hope you are all cruising through and taking every chance to enjoy yourselves!  Have a super dee dooper day!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Grape PJ's, & presents galore

Well I really shouldn't talk about presents now should I?  Suffice to say that I have finished a MAJOR project and a smaller one to go with as the recipient surely would see a photo and then my surprise would be bango!

Why haven't you seen hide nor hair of me?  Well I have been radically busy dyeing Meldy Deep for the My Bleeding Heart KAL,,, each time I dye I'm set back for a week.  Then I dye again LOL fortunatley my LAST dye day has been set and there will be no future set backs at least till next year.  YEAH!

The only knitting I have been doing is on presents as we have a run of birthday's coming up and Christmas all rolled into one so must needs to be knitting.  DD and I did make a special dye job of our own on our last dye day.  We used up all the fingering with gold and silver... she's got the gold and I got the silver.  They are all black and red and we are doing sweaters... color work.  She's cranking on me!  OH you need to see my birthday present she made for me!  This is awesome, it's a cape style hoodie with a scarf!  She's just grab stitchionary's and cranked it out.  These are my favorite colors and she knows it.  It goes perfect with my winter coat too as she just the multi color I put into that.  Then there's the lace in the multi, different color and pattern for the frame of the face and another color and pattern for the scarf. I tell you she's a genius!  I want her to write the well... I can't say now can I? WAAAa so much I can't share.  The other thing that makes this perfect, in the winter my neck arthritis hurts something awful and so I'm forever wrapping up in a shawl... now I have my Scoodie to wrap up in instead.  Probably time to stop typing when you start to make up words!

Spoke with my publisher today and my book can get slotted for after Christmas IF we can pull it together by then.  We are all hard at work,,, well I am, I only have TWO test knitters working currently and I must needs write and be quiet and well slept to do so.

A few photos for you.  This is my Boo in his new sweater for this year... still can't find the sweater I used his hair I'd spun to make.  Really bummed at the loss!

 This ferocious guy comes to see me on a daily basis now that he knows he can get food from me.  Silly old bear clucks like a girl and wheezes after every TO OFTEN crow.
 The boys.  Just had to get this in there.  Aren't they cute!  They get along well enough to sleep on the same bed!  FINALLY!
Other then that all's well here.  Hope you are all well too.