Saturday, October 8, 2011

Stitch Markers

Got to thinking ya'll might like to see the markers I made for My Bleeding Heart KAL.  I was only able to make freebies for the first 15 people who bought yarn and beads from me for the KAL as I ran out of supplies.  Just now when I was repurchasing them I got to wondering if you would like to get some too.  Course I can't go on with more freebies but if you'd like a set of 1 lobster claw heart and 2 markers which will fit size 4 needle (and under) I'd love to make them for you.  This is enough to mark one side of the shawl... if you knit the 2nd half at the same time you will need an additional set.  
     The red hearts are puffy and overall each are 1" long.   Pretty little things aren't they?
Some are made from real silver or real gold lobster claws! 

     One set of 3 (1 lobster and 2 key ring or soldered shut closed loop) is $5.00 shipped in the US.  If you have purchased from me already you can save on the shipping by sending only $3.00 for the markers.  Just go to paypal and send the funds to put into the comments STITCH MARKERS  1 set or 2 etc. and pay the appropriate amount.

     You are all saying but who are the fifteen right?  The lucky winners who will be recieving the free stitch marker sets are: 
  1. Kay N 
  2. Betsy W 
  3. Teresa M 
  4. Kat G
  5. Susan H
  6. Luba D
  7. Robyn A
  8. Allyson D
  9. Geraldine G
  10. Mary Ross
  11. Ron W
  12. Darlene R
  13. Michaela B
  14. Gaye R
  15. Francis B

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