Friday, October 21, 2011

Amythest Stitch Markers

After dyeing 40 skeins of yarn on Wednesday I knew I was going to be down for a few days and so planned to make the necessary stitch markets in time to ship all the Meldy on Monday.  ;-)  I had fun!  I didn't want to stop once I got going and so played with some real gems!  What I now have is Amythest Stitch Markers! B & C grade with glass beads.  They are 6 sets on the left, the blue and green on the right are glass.  Each set has a silver push in lobster claw clasp.  The 4mm jump rings are gold and have been soldered shut.  There is nothing on these markers to catch in your knitting as I have to use them and only use the finest findings and beads available.  Use button on right, if you want some included in your yarn order to save on shipping, please get your order in asap as I will be shipping starting this weekend.

Here's my little Pidgewidgeon, cute isn't he?  I got the idea from the photo here below with the knitted hat.  DD made his beak for him, the colors were an accident as it was my only brown, found the Kidd Silk type of grey/black and thought it would look nice.  There's also a tan to brown with a metallic gold in the body.  His hat is Crystal Palace long strand and the teal is a fun fur cause it's COLD here.  ;-)

Had to have the photos of the real deal for you to see as well.  Funny though I had his body done before even looking for photos of him.  Cute isn't he!

Whats Fall without a few Punkies?  Mine are made from Kauni and are done on a size 9 crochet hook the smaller one is 1" by 1.5"  Since we are talking about really sweet cuties... I will leave you with my Boo, poor dear has Cutebara worms again :-( AND trachea collapse.  He and I are joined at the hip and we spend all our time together, I will be so devastated as I don't see him lasting much longer. I thought he was young but these come at any age and it's a Yorkie (and other small dog) thing so I should be glad of the time I've had.  So long as his quality of life is good enough to get more Cutebara from sticking his nose into the rabbit warrens then I will be happy.  When he gets to the point of no longer being able to chase the bunnies, well, dying from suffocation isn't an option.  I had a lung collapse, I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.  All this to say, please pray for my Boo if you think of us.
Can you see Squiddy in there? I could and did... Now can you see Squiddy?  Figured a girl should have a bit of pink in there too.  My gift is my presence as a play mate for a few hours.  As long as the Gillyweed lasts.

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