Thursday, August 25, 2011

Yarn Fairy & Goddess Knits KAL

 Yarn Fairy and her Pixies will be dyeing the most scrumptious lace yarn you have ever seen. PATTERN SALES HAVE CEASED as we will be KALing shortly - lovely yarn still available in any color. Two different yarns are available, best yarn and the best designer, who could ask for more?  BTW, these prices are rock bottom, you will not find this quality and quantity as I just like to get great yarn out to everyone. Due to the fact that some wont read everything like I asked.
1) YOU MUST be part of the YAHOO GROUP in order to get the KAL clues so follow the instructions below. 
2) If you ordered and aren't on the group, PM me please or comment below as you have to be to get the clues which start on 10-1-11 and will come one once a week, 5 clues total.
3) The pattern is $6.00 NOT $3.00 - which is a discount from the $8.00 which the pattern will be after the KAL's over.   
4) ALL clues in CHART format ONLY
 Back to your regularly scheduled programing.
1) A blend of 70% Baby Alpaca, 20% Silk, and 10% luscious Cashmere. (limit 9 skeins left)
2) The other is a blend of 80% Superfine Merino and 20% silk for strength, sheen, drape and luxury. (limit 2 skeins left)
     Both yarns have 100 grams and each is 1,312 yards, a nice long amount to finish your shawl with.  Needless to say with these fibers both are extremely soft, both have sheen and drape ability with zero itch.  Each skein has 2-3 different fibers which will all take the dye differently.  The result will be very subtle and delicate changes in color from pale to medium in each skein and so give such NUMMY results! By the time the KAL ends winter will be upon us which is why and where I picked my colors from.  Here's my inspiration, I believe these colors will go with your wardrobe as black, grey and brown are so complementary as accessories are sooo necessary to complete any outfit.

Creamy brown down a country road.

The cool blues of the glacier

A black you can see to knit with
My ideal winter black

Gray strong and unyielding

Gray snowy cream - the palest of grays

Lavender on the ground with hints of violet

Sapphire with cream of the stem

Sapphire in the flower petals, stem and bud

     To join the KAL you just need to click the paypal button (top right) buy the pattern and choose your yarn and color.  The pattern is really $6.00 but I needed to add shipping to the yarn orders so if you are buying the pattern know that it's not $3.00 but rather $6.00.   The pattern will be in CHART format ONLY. Be sure your e-mail and shipping addresses are correct as my Pixies will be using these to fly your special yarn directly to your door.  After you are done at Paypal {wait for it} CLICK THE BUTTON to come back to my blog as we are having trouble getting everybody in. Join the Yahoo group as that's the only way to get the clues.  Then just wait for the KAL to begin, you must join the group to get the clues... the group will dissolve when KAL is over.     
     The KAL will start 10-1-11 so hurry,,,, get your needles (size 4 or 5 USA) warm up your yarn and get ready for one of the best KALs ever!  Gauge doesn't matter so long as you don't go over size 5 so there's no advanced swatching necessary.
      Or we can dye up ANY color in either fiber for you, the above inspiration photos have not been dyed up but the caption shows what colors the yarns would be so if you are interested in any other color feel free to ask.   We now have lavender and sapphire too. YUM!

ONLY LEFT 9-3 are the 2 pinks
Brown not available except in KAL yarn, hot pink is 880 all the rest are 1312 yards and 80/20 merino/silk
     If you purchase yarn and pattern then you can also purchase any or all of these in this photo for the second skein price of $35.00 each, which you can order separately to via Paypal and put which color you would like in the comments and any special directions.  If you would like to only order one skein from the photo here, feel free to do so... just send $35 which will cover my Pixie Dust.  Additional KAL dyed skeins are also available for only $35.00 (alpaca) $30.00 (merino), IF you have already purchased at least one KAL skein.  I wanted to keep the prices as low as possible and I challenge you to find this yardage, hand painted, this quality anywhere else.  :-)  The last two prices are not available on a single skein purchase.  
     BTW over at paypal they charge $3.00 for "postage" this is less then it's costing me to ship.  I pay .50 cents for the envelops, paypal takes $1.50 out of each single skein order and then there's the postage is on top of that.  They don't have a space for "handling" so I lumped it under postage which actually cost $4.50 +/-.  Then too I undercharged on the alpaca as I want to get you all the best pricing available... all of the proceeds will be going to the Pixies (Katie and Shane) as they wanted money to buy presents for Christmas.  So you can feel really good about the fact that you are helping the children (Opps!!! I mean Pixies) out.  Also there are pigments in the yarn that while we try to catch all of them some might get through.  Brown and purples can have a red dot, black/grey can have a blue dot and I believe that's all of the weird ones.  They shouldn't show when you get it knit up though.
     Any questions should be addressed to the Yarn Fairy who can be reached at the above e-mail addy.

     He's just saying hi!  No that's not a spear!  It's a tooth pick... no, didn't make him, just found him adorastinkingble!!!! and had to share.


  1. Wendy, I'd love to join. I'm battling paypal to verify my bank account. Would you be willing to dye and reserve the aqua in the dress in alpaca for me, until i can send a money order or get the paypal situation settled?

  2. As much as I'd love to say yes I already sold out once (in just a few days!!!) and I placed another order for 30 more right now. After that my source is all dried up.

    GREAT minds and all that rott! I was just going into the dye room to hit the pots,,, I so want to see those other three colors it's killing me!

    What's the problem with PP have they put a freeze on you or do you just need to do the bank confirm? If it's just the confirm you should be able to do it tomorrow.

    Write back at my e-mail addy above so we can have a private talk.

  3. Greetings, Wendy - I had no problem with Paypal, but it refused to take me back to your site. So I've paid for the KAL, what needs to happen next? I'll check back for a response comment. Thanks!

  4. Hi Vivianna, I can't find you on paypal. Just forward your paypal verification payment to so that I can get you in.

  5. I just received an invitation to join the Yahoo! group, so it seems I'm good after all. If I have further difficulties, I'll forward the receipt to you.


  6. Paid! I went ahead and ordered the grayish looks pale enough it might make a fabulous wedding shawl for a friend!