Friday, August 5, 2011

The Wedding

WOW so it's taken me 5 days of sleeping 14 plus hours every night to finally have some semblance of a brain in order to sit down and write about it.  The day was a flat out miracle for me, I have been praying for some relief from the constant pain, I got more then that!  I got to WALK! and DANCE! but I'm getting ahead of myself aren't I?     
     It was incredible.  I cried literally all morning long while trying to get ready as I knew I was going to see some much beloved people that I haven't seen in a good 16 or so years.  So I was a blubber ball and it really didn't stop til we left in the evening!  HAHA but then ya'll know I'm a mess so no need for explanations, right?
     DD got to go down the day before for the mani/pedi, errands and all.  She settled into the family very well from her mindset.  I was so happy to get a phone call from her saying that her new sister (Val) was doing her hair and had straightened it.  Fun girly stuff that she's only done so far with me.  So now she's got 2 new sisters (well Kimmy's always been one) and a new older brother (Bowdien AKA Bubba) as well. She was so happy to be paling around for a change.  They went to the rehersal and dinner.  The next day she got her hair done, they all had soft curls and a sweep to the right hanging down with tons of bobby pins and a little "gem" thingy,,, they were all so cute.
     We were among the first to arrive at the church, along with the photographer and so he got a shot of me in my wheel chair, not fond of it... we're skipping that one.  The church is massive, turned out that I was familiar with it as my old boss was on the Board of Directors there for a many years so I had been there off and on for various events.  Funny how life comes back round again. 
      The flowers were out of this world, they really did a stunning job on them, tons of roses and of course the star lily which the color of the dresses came from.  They smell unbelievable all these days later as Jewels had me take home a centerpiece.  I WALKED down the aisle to be seated!  MIRACLE!  Still can't believe it but I didn't need my chair all day long!!! and I didn't get fatigued like I normally do.  

     Mimmy (bride) picked out the perfect dress it has a chiffon overlay and lots of beads and sequins on the empire waist, perfect!  The groom was impeccable but then he always looks good to me,,, might be slightly biased.  By the time they got to their vows everyone near me was in tears.
Then we spent some time at the house while the kids went to the arboretum and took a few shots there, this one's my favorite.  Well take your pic they are both great.

     Meanwhile I got to talk with people I haven't seen in like 16 or so years.  It was so wonderful to get a tiny bit caught up.  I spent a few years living with my ex's brothers and so they have been like brothers to me.  For one reason and another I haven't been able to be around I can't tell you how good it was to see photos of their children and to meet their wives.  Then there's Ma, my adopted mother.  She taught me so much, never in a condemning way but gently, subtly through the things she did.  As she walked up to me the water works started.  She came up to me in the church, wrapped her arms around me, crying and said sweetie, I have missed you so much.  Then it was all over, we both cried, exchanged current information and hopefully we will be seeing more of her soon.
     On to the dinner, what a wonderful setting, everything was just lovely.
On the left we have setting for all.  I so wanted to sit next to my DIL's Mom and that's just where I was, happy as a pig in,,, well you know.  I loved talking to her and learning more about her.  What with us living so far away it get's hard. 
This is the bride and grooms table, if you look close you can see their glasses, they are actually the glasses Kim's mother used for their wedding all those years ago.  They have 2 doves down there, just lovely!
Here we have the cake, simple but stunning,  Red velvet! YUM You can just see the tiny crystals strewn throughout the rose petals?  It was just lovely.  Then above is the family heirloom, "the" shawl... and rings.  The food was out of this world and I got to do something off of my "Bucket List",,, I drank a bit of champagne, personally, it's got nothing on Kombucha! :-) 
   Then I got to do something I never thought I would be able to.  Mind you I walked ALL day and I NEVER had even a TWINGE from my back WHAT! WHATS THAT!  It's a stinking miracle I tell you... this was my "le meilluer de tous, la creme de la creme" (best of the best) moment.
Even though triple chocolate cake/pie and red velvet cake followed... this was the best of the entire day, forget that! YEAR!  I got to dance with my son, thank you so much Lord for allowing me a reprieve on the best of all days, the best day for the past year and possibly further back.  Yes I'm an old fool, a sad sorry invalid but hey, whatever else I have I've got a loving family, that's the best I can ever hope to have.  Forget money, jobs, writing books, forget it all and what do you have?  A family and a God who loves you very much.  I tell you it just doesn't get any better then this.  Unless you count in about 20 odd days becoming a GRANDMOTHER!  HAHA yeah baby!  Can't wait for my Kaison to be born!  One last thing on this really long post and I will end it.  DIL came over to me and I put my hands splayed on her belly and said something like I can't wait to see my g-baby.  She said he hadn't moved much at all since the altar hours before... guess what?  He kicked her hard to say hi Gammy! Jes, you can have Poppy if I can be Gammy! I'm thrilled, smiling as I type... wondering what I can knit since I'm so far away and can't stand the inactivity... how bought a Christening gown!  :-) HAHA that's nice and long that should keep me busy!  HAHA and never get finished in time from what Mimmy says today.   

One last thing I want to share with you is this lovely flower.... ain't she purdy!  May God grant you happiness and peace!


  1. Wendy that was a beautiful post & a beautiful wedding! Everyone looked beautiful, & you are gorgeous!!! I LOVE the colors & flowers! That picture of you & your son almost brought the tears out of me! I am SO glad & praising God with you that you were able to fully enjoy the day. And now a baby - you have so much to look forward to! :-)
    Blessings, Michele

  2. What a wonderful time you had Wendy! So happy for you that you were able to dance with your look radiant in the picture. Your story put a smile on my face!!! Margaret

  3. Oh, Wendy, how glorious, I'm so happy for you!! :)

  4. Absolutely lovely! I'm so happy for you!