Monday, August 15, 2011

The Queen Susan Shawl

Monday morning again and man what a day.  Took too many pain meds by mistake yesterday and cleaned for FOUR HOURS!  OUCH I'm so sore!  My neck and pectorals are killing me.  DD and DS were in there with me most of the time so we got a really good deep cleaning done on the counters and put a bunch of stuff away... tossed a bunch.  I run this way though.  In the winter it will all creep back in with the doilies and all the heavy quilts... then it will all go away by summer again.
Fell in love today!  With the Queen Susan Shawl OH MY!  My friend (UGH!!!! really!!!!) Gail showed it to me after I had told her that I'd been drooling over the Magikal Earth Shawl from A Gathering of Lace.  WHY!?  The Queen Susan is done on size 0 needles in gossamer thread.  I believe I have a cone or two of cashmere around here that would fit the bill and I have those lovely wooden circs from KP in a size 0.  I downloaded the 42 pages of love that the girls on Ravelry made off of the Heirloom Knitting group there and well... "I'm calling youuu hoohoohoo!" In a big way.  Shawl photo  I have been whipping out lace shawls in 10 days and it just feels like time to step back and make something that is more then useful... I have always looked to "useful".  If I could only corral all of this energy and pack it we'd be rich.  Not energy... insanity!  HAHA that's still not the correct work.  OBESSESIVNESS!  HAHA oh yeah that's it!  Oh man I could so cast that shawl on right now!  sigh  but the book really needs to come first.  Perhaps I can just gather all my tools now and as soon as the last patterns written then that will be my job well done gift to myself... to cast on.  Meanwhile it wouldn't hurt to swatch would it?

DD's out with the pony.... strange sounds coming from the corral right now.  The winds whipping through here like mad.
The ferments are doing well.  Made up another large batch of yogurt today as DS used it all in a chicken bake recipe from Alton Brown the other day.  I'm just glad it's useful.  I found over night and all day long to be about how much time it needs to have it at the consistency we like it at.  Got in a massive amount of water grains and they are doing the little WKG dance on the super clean kitchen counter right now!  So happy to have them all playing. OHH and the first batch of Kombu was pulled yesterday.  Well the two batches.  The green tea and honey one made another fat white mother and the black/sugar made a messy mother.  I just kept them all in there and added more teas.  Everyone had a problem with the berries.  Either they didn't melt fast enough or they were grainy or they stuck to the teeth.  Can't have everything come out right the first time I guess.  So we are going to have to work on that one.

Queen Susan is calling.

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