Saturday, August 20, 2011

MS24 and AMS10

Well I finally knit AMS10, I thought it was 9 and didn't make enough repeats.  Should have added another repeat of clue 4 as it's really smaller then I'd hoped.  Should have known as I only used about 500 yards of my bare.  Well it was bare before we dyed it.
Here's DD modeling for you.  She'd just found out that her photo of a fire made the front page of the local newspaper.   I used a purple iris iridescent bead on this shawl that I really love.  It's for Betty who I seem to have made a big impression on at the wedding.  :-) She's really sweet.  I will have to make her a full on triangle in XL but not right now.  Later.
 This one is MS24 clue 1.  The clues for these KAL's all come out at about 11am PST every Saturday and I'd flip if I didn't have something to look forward to so I knit. :-)  As you all full well know.
This style of shawl will eat up miles of yarn by the time I'm done but I really like the full coverage it gives.  With about 30 more rows increasing like mad,,, I expect to run out of yarn for this one.  I have like 700 yards and the clue calls for 880 but I really think it's going to be cutting it short as Claudia says... "chomp, chomp, chomp" it's just eating it up.
    Finished a pair of vanilla socks in Emily's yarn Harlequin in a color very similar to the first one.  Unfortunately the color wasn't set through and I now have a matching pair shadowed into my sink top.  Cest La Vie we loves some socks.  Almost finished another pair in a green that I've worked up a new beaded b/o technique for.  Burns through the beads and looks smashing.  DD says I should put it into my book but it really needs a sock and it really needs a cuff... as I'm doing all colorwork that doesn't fit.
     Ordered some fine cobweb for my Queen Susan.  Looking forward to starting as I have finished so many things lately and just need the diversion from all things terrible in my life that knitting brings.
    Been working hard on my book.... keep thinking of one more thing to put into it SHESH!  If this doesn't stop I will never send it to the publishers!

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