Monday, August 15, 2011

MS23 and Kombu pics

Ok Kiddies, here we go here are the photos I promised you. Here's MS23.

Completed in 7 days.  Various shades of purple, light to dark, in sock yarn on size 6 needles.  YUP SEVEN DAYS!

Washed and then poured hot water over my counter cleaning between.  Then PLOOP out popped the bestest kombucha mother grown in green tea and honey.  The kids started laughing so hard when she plopped onto the counter with this ploop noise. She was even whiter yesterday before I plunked her into the green tea and sugar batch.  But as you can see she's still pristine and lovely.  PURDIEST thing ever.  This is at only 6 days.
The Queen Susan has been messing with my mind ALL DAY LONG!  I finally just printed out the 2 different center charts and wrote to Colourmart looking for more cashmere!  UGH!  Pulled out 2 different needles and I might cast on.  :-(  WEAK I am!  Didn't get any work done and it's 5pm!

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