Sunday, August 7, 2011

FREE sock pattern Crashing Waves

Ok Knit Sibs, another free pattern for you.  :-)  The thing that took the longest wasn't finishing the socks but doing the photo shoot and uploading the photos and pattern DUH can you say puter challenged?  I can!  LOL But here they are... my Crashing Waves.
 A pattern I have wanted to play with for many years.  I love texture in my knitting and I adore the way this pattern makes a scallop in the knitting.  I added extra repeats of the pattern after the ankle through inserting more stitches.  Amazingly it worked.  These are made with Maizy by Crystal Palace which makes such a wonderful summer fabric.  Since I purled the soles it's like they aren't even there.  Stunning for something you can't even feel on your feet.  A fun, fast, addictive knit. 
And for fun I leave you with a tiny Hedgy!  He's adorastinkinble!!!!! So very tiny.  Cute lil guy.  Short post from me for a change, have a wonderful day!

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