Friday, July 8, 2011

Wedding Ensemble, OTN and some weirdness

My outfits done.  Well it's not all done but I found the cutest top and it actually looks good on me and it's just unbelievable!  With a very low price of $15 which I got lowered with an online coupon  I'm thankful.  The tops see through so I have a turquoise tank that I dyed that's perfect underneath.  That white blouse sooooooo didn't cut the mustard.
The skirt still needs elastic and a hem.   Been waiting cause I didn't know what I wanted to do with the hem line... add lace or a ruffle or just hem it.  Then the waist keeps coming in so I have been putting that off.  The purse is finished being decorated just needs a lining.  I don't have a bra,,, need to hit Fredericks for that as they have the best bras.... but they are soo expensive.  I have one that's too large and one that's too small... go figure... perhaps if I loose another 20 I could fit into the small one but shesh... there's only a few weeks left. 
The last clue for the shawl comes out tomorrow.  DH just told me it's Friday and I flipped... lost about 3 days this week.  I made 2 extra repeats of the pattern.  It's 100% merino in LA in July! But I find it works somehow as I wore a heavy fingering shawl to Dad's funeral which was in August.  At least this ones done in lace.  I hand dyed this too it's dark turquoise... matches the satin in the skirt identical.  Gee,,, need a slip don't I sigh.... think I might have some if I re-elastic it.

My nails have this terrible problem with breaking so I normally keep them really short.  I'm letting them grow and coating them with this stuff to help make them strong.  Best they have looked in FOREVER!  Can't decide if I want the perfect red with luminescent purple or the light luminescent pink.

So then there's the shoes... I have these white Birkie strappy cute sandals which I haven't been out of the house to wear but a few times.  DD wore them for the short while that she was in a size 7 (she's Gigantor these days towers over me!!) so they are broken in already.  I decided a few days ago that I wanted the option of socks so I found the perfect yarn in my stash... light turquoise... Maizy which is 82% corn flower by CPY.  The fabric is so wonderful, soft and light in a size 0 needle.  I'm making Wedding Waves!  :-)  Just a simple lace wave pattern from the feather and fan stitch with a few rows of purls to make the waves between.  I decided to make it a free pattern.  Not that anyone needs or wants yet another feather and fan right.  I'm all about the freebies of late though.  Still need to finish that other free sock pattern for you.  
But getting back to the wedding ensemble... through the years I have accumulated an entire set of lovely aquamarine jewelry so that's all I will be wearing.  There's a lovely necklace DH bought me with a large drop and two smaller circles and another drop separate.  I have a pair of post earrings... actually two.  Then the bracelets x and o with the o being the gems.   I'm so glad it's all complete... or at least it's all here now so that I can complete it all and stop thinking about it.

My knittings been a bit boring, plain st. st in the round as I can knit and read at the same time if it's simple stuff.  So I have finished a plain skirt that I designed... added a bit of lace at the bottom just because.  I have the matching top... had it forever!  So it's nice to get this old project Off TN and on the old bones.

Thinking about pulling out the other skirt that's been OTN since what? 07?  Guess I didn't have the skill set back then to do it anyway so I'm glad it didn't get completed.  Then too it was supposed to be tiers that aren't hooked and I think if I recall correctly that the 2nd got hooked to the first and that was a bummer.  I believe that's why I put it aside anyway.  It's made from 2 old t-shirts!  I can't wait to get back to it now that I finished this one... on a skirt jag.  :-)  I will get you photos as soon as I finish weaving in the ends.

The second of the Goddess Knits shawls fell behind.  I'm starting clue 5 of the first tomorrow and it's still at the beginning of clue 3.  I really don't like that Kidd Silk stuff YUCK!  WOWSERS glad I don't have more in the stash.  Since my mohair - the stuff I have in the raw - is so nice and non itchy I have been spinning that.  I have one bobbin of turquoise (of course!) and another of a wool that's tri color... my favorites purple, blue and green of course with a touch of yellow here and there.  I will ply them together and if it's fine enough will make a shawl from it eventually.
Spanky's getting his winter fleece off today.  We all can't wait,,, him mostly as it's been sweltering! It's been in the high 80-90's here... poor dear boy.  I think she just forgot, it's his first owner who's coming to take care of it.  I so can't wait!!!!  Regardless how I feel physically, about 2 pounds will be wash, and dyed right away.  I'm wanting a wedge wood blue a tealish green, perhaps a bit of emerald? and a bit of tan or bronze or I dunno but he's going to be a sweater, right away!  I will be wearing the little man come winters all I know.  I will take ya'll through the process from sheep to sweater.  DS is going to take the photos and DD is going to make sure there's no second cut stuff or "clean them up trims" in the fleece.  That way half the battle will be won on the front end of things.  He's relatively clean or at least looks that way from here with these old eyes.  I can't wait!!!! So excited to get dyeing and spinning and knitting!  I'm just going to plop all the colors into the drum carder in various ways and spin.

The books coming along.  Alot of the knitters are about to finish up their first projects but I have so NOT been feeling well enough to write up the patterns for the other items, so I am a slacker.  Catch 22 as I'm in pain and have to take meds but they keep my "artsy girl" tamped down .... so not good.  She needs to come out so I'm hoping for some natural pain relief here so that I can get back to work.  I did finish up a pair of socks myself for the book, they are so cute!  Took me all of a week I think,,, even with a lot of stops and starts.  I did these as I knew I was going to need to mess with the charts and sure enough I did.  Fortunately they are all the same pattern so the TKers are perfecting the written and the charts are interchangeable... so it's not like they needed to be worked by a TKer.  

Ok you guys the weirdest thing happened night before last.  I couldn't sleep and was up LITERALLY ALL night long!  Weird but it happens now and again.  I stayed in bed with my reading light and plowed through an entire book cover to cover.  So Boo my little Yorkie was here as always and he got up an growled out the window.  I understood that as there were coyotes out there working over a little critter.  Totally normal and a reason to growl, right?  So then about 30 minutes after that he got up again... this time he was looking down the hall and GROWLING ferociously!  He was really protective and mean like, very alert.  I thought perhaps someone had got into the house but couldn't figure why he was still on the bed.  If there were someone in another part of the he should have flown off the bed like normal.  I couldn't hear anything, everyone was in bed and there were no noises at all.  Not even a snore or a whistle... silence.  When I looked at the opening to the door it was empty but when I looked 5" to either side and looked out the corner of my eye... there was something there!!!!  It looked white, see through and about the size of a human sort of with like a veil on now that I think of it.  That's about all there is to report... nothing but a vague impression of a person just standing in the door.  STRANGE right!  I wouldn't have thought anything about it but Boo growled at this door for like 15 minutes straight.  Now that's weird!  He didn't get off of the bed so it had to be right there in the door, right?  Finally I grabbed Boo and talked him down, he calmed down but kept looking at the open doorway.   Then the following day, yesterday, he stayed with me all day long.  Normally that would be standard but lately he's been with my Mom out in the front room... not yesterday, he needed his mummy and she was here for him.  Funny though right?  Strange but true.  :-)
Spent the day in bed yesterday, read another entire book cover to cover, again!  Thought it would help but it seems to have made me worse as the pains really high today.   I might just need some sun, it's been too hot to go outside so I've been stuck inside for a few weeks. sigh... such is my lot in life.  Been eating vegan again and I've lost 20 pounds so far, keep it coming off please says I.
OHHHHHHHHH before I forget someone on Twitter today put me in with like 6 other knit places and people.  They were HUMUNGOUS!  It was like Yarn Harlot, Norah Gaughn, Twist Collective, Knitty, Shannon Oakey, Berroco and another I was the only "nobody" in the list.  How cool is that?  I have no idea what the thing was or anything but got the e-mail and was pretty jazzed.

What else?  Seems like there's more but this is entirely TOO LONG and I have to try and work so I will let you go with a HAVE A TERRIFIC day... do something nice for yourself... something special today.  Paint your nails if you can.  LOL course you don't have to be female to do that, clear works too.  ;-)
A baby bun that the dogs tried to get DD rescued it.

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  1. Your outfit sounds lovely! Can't wait to see it! Yea, the ghost thing is quite odd but I do think there are ghosts. Sometimes we smell pipe smoke (which my husband's father used to smoke) yet there isn't anyone around. Now we just say, "Hi, Poppi" and carry on. He used to like to sit in the back room and that's where we'll smell it.