Saturday, July 23, 2011

MS23, Puffs, and more knitting

When my desktop becomes photo heaven I know it's time to tell ya'll what all I've been playing with of late.  So here's a photolog just for YOU!
 Bit of a miracle on the left there... I actually DROVE the car to the little shops here on the hill and purchased this card.  Isn't it lovely!  I'm probably going to frame it.  Can you believe the envelop?  They are so pretty and so very me.  I know Anick,,, I'm sorry, I was close but too tired to hit your place.
 Say hello to the puffs!  Aren't they adorastinkingble!  Took all of a couple of hours, perhaps not even that.  The purple is made to the pattern and the other two are my evolutions of said pattern.  I'm so glad I have all the stuff here in my home to make things like this.  I had all the eyes, noses and pellets.  Nice to have such a large stash with such variety.

DH found out that when he grocery shops after work down in LA that they are now charging a fee for bags.  Plastic is no longer an option (thankfully!) and they charge for brown bags.  They really want us all to have our own market bags.  So I whipped this one up for him last night.  It's made from hemp yarn on a size H hook and it will hold a lot.  I know that the handles don't look like much but this stuff's sturdy.  I bought this yarn specifically for the market bags, just needed the incentive to get them cranking off of the hooks.
 Here's a bit of spinning I have been doing.  The various colored ply is a 100% wool I dyed and the 2nd ply is a 100% mohair which I worked up from a plain, raw fleece!  :-)  It's so soft and there's NO itch to it so I'm always surprised when I touch the stuff from the market place as it's always itchy.  YUCK.  So happy to be able to make my own yarn.
 Say hello to MS23 of course I deviated from the pattern, when haven't I?  Terrible!  It's supposed to be in lace weight on a smaller needle but I wanted it larger so I dove into my sock ends stash.  I found a lot of different shades of lime from light to dark and the same with the purple so I started with the light lime and the dark purple and I will stripe every 18 rows or so throughout the entire shawl.  Fun... and I can always use another winter (warmer) shawl.
 Yet ANOTHER pair of vanilla socks!  I have been side tracked making the Puffs, the market bag and spending a day working on my book so they didn't get done in their normal 2 day period... BUT  SHAZAM! They will be done shortly.  I need to do the K2P2 cuff which will be heavily beaded with 6/0's, larger drops and leafs!  Fun eh?

 DD has done a fantastic job on the garden.  Last night she picked two large, UFO shaped, pale lime colored squash and made a lovely ground beef, onion, green pepper, garlic thing which went over brown rice and man o man!  Can this girl cook.  It's so nice to know that she's all mine.  Well, clue 2 is out and I have a fun day of stripe knitting ahead.  Have a great weekend!

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