Monday, July 18, 2011

A day like the old days SMS11

Before I got sick years ago I used to be able to run circles around myself.  Today was one of those days.  I really needed it as ailing this long makes you feel useless!  It's been so long since I have been able to do anything that to do all of these things was wonderful.  Some of you know how ill I am and so I'm just going to list what all we got done for the fun of it. 
All I really want to do is wash the glass table out in the front yard and enjoy the day - all day long out there in the sun and shade and knitting and listening to podcasts BUT
We have re-weeded the entire front yard minus the roses, 
DD washed the bay window. 
DS cooked pancakes and they washed all the dished.  
DS took out the trash and sprayed down the roses with poison for white flies and aphids, hopefully that will help them.  
DD and me  -  WOWSERS did we ever do a number in the garage!  I had to more the car half way out cause we tore into the dryer, unscrewed all the stuff to get into the screen and got the long long loooong brush out and the vacuum and we got so much lint outta that thing from the inside trap.  You know me and thinking that the dryer will cause the house to be burned down so I pulled off the elbow in the back out and I put a pantyhose back on it AFTER cleaning out the accordion silver thing. From the elbow it's supposed to go up 4' and then across the entire garage, down 5' and finally out.  Seems like a fire waiting to happen.  We scrubbed the top, side, bottom (hasn't been cleaned in YEARS cause it's in the garage) and put everything away that was on the top of the both of them (totally overloaded) so they are clean and cleared of clutter it all went onto the book case.  I just put a load into the dryer and I'm hoping what with the pantyhose on the thing that it will dry in less time.  We got all the goop off of the screen and inside of the vent so hopefully all of this will be helpful, conserve energy and use less money.
We now have a book case/shelving thing in the garage for all the cleaning products so now we can get organized in there too, which is really nice.  Eventually, not today.
DD banged the rugs in our bath, 
washed all the towels with good stuff so they smell nice 
scrubbed my "OH don't slip and fall your break your neck" rug for the shower.  Finally it's back in there, I have been really scared to take a shower these last few times.  
She also scrubbed the oriel bird feeders, 
filled the seed feeders, 
we replanted one of moms pots that was way too small at the end of the path. 
DS took the trash out round the house too.  
I wiped down the baseboards, nooks and crannies on the bathroom floor 
and cleaned the trash cans inside and out.  
THEN the very best thing of all that I did was I got this really keen metal bucket from moms' old junk.  I went through the basket of tools and found a lovely brand new trowel (which Kev probably bought), rose pruning sheers, a pair of scissors now all I need is my gloves and my cultivator in there... then to keep it with my stool and WOWSERS!!! I'm so excited to be able to have my old bucket back for weeding.  The buckets for the weeds and the tools will go into a belty thing I'm going to make. 
The children went into the attic and got down two totes.  I can't tell you how many times I've wanted some fabric to futz around with and didn't want to ask cause it's such a bother for them what with them doing so much work already.  So they pulled down one tote of skirts and one of quilting type stuff.  We figure I can make tool belt type of thing to go round my metal pail and tie round the handles to keep it on.  Then make buttoned pockets all round it and put elastic and ties to keep all the tools from falling out.  I got this black fabric with bugs on it!  Cute eh?
One of the things I had them get for me is the blue lace fabric and trim that I dyed for the wedding.  So I whipped up a large mantilla in no time at all.  I blocked a hand painted turquoise and pink hand crocheted hankie today as well.  The pink matches the wedding color and well turquoise seems to be the color de jour for me anyway.  Still need to hem my skirt. One of these days.

So back out into the garage we went, we were supposed to look for this really great quilt top it's all different modes of transportation for my soon to be g-baby as I now had the backing from the attic foray. Instead we forgot why we were out there and we ended up finding yarn to crochet market bags for mom and some fun fur to make cute critters from.  Didn't even THINK about the quilt so I still don't have that part of the equation.  I'm FAR too exhausted to think about it now so I just can't bear to go out there again and I so CANT ask for them to go look as we all have been working non-stop since about 8am today :-( and :-)  Mom insists I will be in bed tomorrow, we shall see, I didn't make it that long, I'm there already!  Gee, now I'm too tired to work on my book or do much of anything but lay down!  Since it's 6pm I guess that's ok.
I will leave you with shots of SMS!! which is finished.  Finally I have the exactly right shawl for the wedding.  It's PERFECT and I love it!  Exactly the right size, shape, weight, everything, perfect.  I hope you have a wonderful day or night wherever you are.


  1. How wonderful! I have a much easier time getting things done when I have company. I understand what you wrote about feeling useless after a while - I've been going through a phase like that lately.

  2. Sheesh, I'm tired just reading about it! Your shawl is beautiful! You're going to look beautiful for your son's wedding!