Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Yes Anick, knitting as always!

A dear friend made the comment that I'm always talking about knitting on here and she's right!  Gee, wonder why?  Cause I have NO life!!! You think?   :-)  Just for you deary we will talk about something not totally knitting related, how's that?
Here's Panky, his coats not very long but it must needs be shorn!  He's scratching it off on the fence now and then as it's hitting in the low 70's here.  My friends coming to shear him shortly... then he will turn into spinning and dyeing and YARN ok Anick?  More knitting!  HAHA and the rest of the post will be more of the same.

 This is AMS 11, not sure I like the way this is straight across in the back.  Went NUTS for this shawl though, the process that is.  I kept adding more rows then the KAL asked for which is why it's so large.  I added 20 rows in clue 4 and another 10+/- in clue 5 then made the border ruffle... it's supposed to be really straight.  I had dyed the yarn lighter then what's shown here but then added another kind of yarn at the bottom.  That's a baby alpaca,,,  a fluffy soft, nummy yarn.  They looked identical in the garage when I picked out the baby alpaca only come to find they weren't so I needed to hit the dye pots again.  DD had the GREAT idea to dye it the color of our eldest sons wedding flower the star lily... you know that color in the center?  Well that's the wedding colors.  I will be wearing a skirt from the satin in the photo below and all accessories are white, turquoise and pink now.  FUN and LOUD, that's me in a nut shell?  Oh did I say nut?  LOL
This is my latest pattern, Summer Lacy Twist Socks which are made in Panda Cotton, perfect for the summertime warm weather.  You can find the pattern on Ravelry.  While there I change the price on my Triple Button Headband ... free!!! that can be downloaded off of Ravelry 
       While on the subject I need to tell you all that if you are a Designer on Rav you can now sell your patterns to LYS's!!!!  The owner can browse the store on their puter, download and print your pattern and then sell it to their customers.  Isn't that the smartest thing Casey and them have done to date?  I think it's a step ahead of their time and a fantastic way to introduce LYS owners to Designers that would otherwise not meet.
       Got my "office" all set up in a corner of my bedroom now and all my test knitters are in one location so we are ready to roll with my book patterns.  Three are currently out to the testers, looking forward to having them all done, it's a long row to hoe.  After having a photo shoot here yesterday and taking some shots of my first item I spoke with my publisher and they tell me that I didn't need to that they were going to do all of the photography.  Live and learn... plus it helps the quality of my photo's the more I take.  What do you think of the one above?  The sock one, not the shawls.  The shawl photos are for my own personal use, the sock pattern has to be clear and distinct to go on the pattern for people to knit off of.
       Been having fun over on Twitter.  I can get into more trouble there in 5 minutes then I can anywhere else so I'm enjoying it.  Hope you are having a great day.

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