Friday, June 24, 2011

Uhura and critter stories

Well I promied ya'll some photos of Uhura so here you go. 

Not your standard sized triangle, Uhura is more of a circular shaped shawl.  If you have ever watched the star ship Enterprise jump to warp you know what MMario was trying to achieve... that elongated ziggy zag that happens throughout is just perfect.  Personally I couldn't see this shawl in anything BUT black with white stars (6/0 beads).  There's no beading on the shawl but I just had to have it.  This is a cashmere merino base yarn at about sport weight on size 5's.  Lovely stuff, very soft and wonderful.

Since you can't see the beads so well on DD I thought to give you another photo of it in a ball.  YUP beads galore.  They are only on charts 1 and 3 through.  I added many repeats of chart 2 and for the fearless you will find this a simple thing to achieve.  So long as you remember that for every SSK or K2tog there must be a yo in the center.  At the edges he at times gives you just the YO and that's to make the shawl circle more.  As you can see with the photo left it could easily tuck into your waistband to keep it from moving at all.  I really like this shawl and see myself using it a great deal next winter.

     Almost forgot to tell you of the run in with the snakes the other day.  Most of you know that we are up in the high desert... or at least the mountain between the deserts.  So we are inundated with snakes.  Having been here for 6-7 summers we now know that as soon as we here the neighbors mowers going we WILL be seeing snakes.  One afternoon we heard a great commotion on the front porch.  You should have seen the mass exodus for the bay window and sure enough just on the porch.... there were two snakes.  But the craziest thing was happening!  They were being ATTACKED by a rabbit!  We have a plethora of rabbits and squirrels here not to mention voles so we have plenty of snake fodder.  I don't mind the gopher snakes but you can have the Mojave green, rattlers, poisonous Kings (red) and the chain link snakes.  I'm just barely able to handle the gopher snakes and NO I so don't mean touch them.  I just mean not to have a heart episode when seeing one of the venomous ones!  Me and snakes.... SO NOT in the same sentence.  One of the gophers hide under the lavender... which DH promptly decided to jump over!  Silly old bear.  Good thing it wasn't a rattler or he might not be here to celebrate our 17th anniversary today!  Crazy man, he couldn't figure out what we were yelling at him as his eyes were focused on the other snake who was getting his tooshy WHIPPED BY A RABBIT! over by the tree.  I still can't believe it but when I saw the snake first the poor thing was trying to climb straight up our house!!!!  The rabbit kept attacking, biting the snake twirling and twisting then the rabbit leaping back, striking and twirling the snake around and then striking again, it was so NUTS!  I never woulda thought it.  I guess little snakey got a bit too close to the warren or possibly ate one of their babies.  CRAZY though!!, I never would have thought in a million years that rabbits could attack snake no way,,, no how,,, not in a million years!!  This rabbit showed NO FEAR and just kept at that snake for about two hours!  Finally the snake had it and climbed our poplar tree for a brief respite knowing all the while that the rabbit caught his breath at the base of the tree... just knowing the snake wasn't going anywhere. You ever been bit by a rabbit?  They have some SUPER sharp teeth.... but the aggression,,, to actually go after a snake NUTS!  If it weren't for the fact that gopher snakes eat the rattlers I'd not have them on our property.
      Another amazing but true story, is something I'm sure all of you have seen before.  We have LOTS of birds here as DD is a fanatic.  She's got all the books and feeders of all types. Yeah, I know... good lure for the snakes as the varmints have permanent feed but it's the great circle of life right?  So anyway there are these ravens... MASSIVE, elegant birds with these fantastic colors throughout their black feathers. I have loved these birds since I was a small child dreaming of flying with them.  Now adays they are a dyers dream, I will catch that some day in yarn! You ever seen a momma and poppa bird attack a raven? An incredible feat which I'm still shocked at.  The little birds will swoop and dive, chatter and shriek at the raven who get's no help from their mate.  The little birds just BARELY dodging out from under the clack of the ravens bill as he attempts to catch the taunting bird.  Along come Auntie and Uncle and before you know it there's like 4+ birds attacking this raven for who know's what reason.  NUTS! We must have rubbed off on the critters here as they too are just plum loco!  Again this goes on all over our 2.5 acres and is quite the show to watch.  Our country wild life surely does keep us entertained.
     One last story and then I'm off as the natives are restless and it's difficult to write.  Mom flicked something off of her arm yesterday.  Later that night I think I might have found what it was.  An ant... not just any ant but one that was at LEAST one inch long!  It was a dark burgundy color. Can you believe it!!!!  The body is made of three sections with the rear being the largest, I'd say it was the size of a tiny grape, you know those tiny ones that are usually bitter?  So this was a massive ant.  We have one still larger though, his rump is the size of a pea! Literally!  He's all black and shiney except for said rump which is bright bright red hot and all furry!  Go figure, country bugs right!  Well at least we don't have 5" long cockroaches that fly which is what we had down in the city.  They traveled through the water mains and could really freak a body out.
    Last story I promise.  Back in the day we used to go hiking a great deal at Eaton Canyon in Pasadena.  Well I'd picked up our eldest from school and off we went.  The night prior we'd had a run in with said roach.  Well my boys had a baseball bat and one of them had given it a really good thwack mid flight.  We thought that was the end of it.  NOT EVEN CLOSE.  Poor Madz... we were coming back from our hike and then entire time he's complaining of something in his shoe, I keep telling him well, it's probably just some rubble from the hike that there's a stream up ahead and he can bath his feet.  The poor dear freaked out completely when he pulled off his shoe, low and behold there was the cockroach, all mushed up under foot!  The poor dear had walked on it all day long, Madz was about 16 at the time.  Needless to say that roach was dead as a door nail.

DD took these photo's... she loves the wild life here.  Our camera's not the greatest but you get the jist.  Just moments before we had all of them up on the porch,,,, eating and scuttling about happy as clams.  It's been really hot here... soon my friend will come and sheer Panky, CANT wait... then you will be unindated with photos.  Till then have a super dee dooper day.

OH! last one, I'm knitting one of my patterns for the book and it's just SMASHING! Have a great day.  Can't wait for a year so I can share the book with you all.  I'm very pleased with everything so far.


  1. Beautiful shawls, both of them! Love your stories, too! Snakes, roaches, bleck. Bunnies, yes; but now I'm looking at them a little

  2. sorry, need to comment about that ant----I used to live in Florida and got stung by such an ant. Since I'm allergic to bee and wasp venom, I ended up in the ER due to the reaction. I researched it and it matched the descriptions I found about a Velvet Ant which is actually a wingless wasp. Nasty, nasty critter!