Thursday, June 2, 2011

Massive Dye Day

Yesterday was a massive dye day along with Mom's 80th B-day so I thought I'd share a few photos.  Not in any particular order, here's Jane's Tippet

 Left is a boucle wool base I have that I dyed up for a sweater.  YUM!  Right is a silk sock for my fantastic test knitter Robin B who knit my first pair of socks out of my book GO ROBIN!  She's going to weave this into a scarf.  NUMMY!  Hopefully she will get the sweaters worth of SuriMerino that I dyed up too as they are SO her colors.

 You can't see this so well but above is my glitter sock base and the colors are Mermaid Lagoon and brown for a project in my book as well.  I would have used someone elses yarns but didn't find any that suited,,, whereas these are perfect... wonder if I can replicate it.  The idea was to get the perfect yarn but I'm sure someone else can work the magic for the book.  I know that I have seen stuff like this before.

 Left is Pale Roses and right is Pale Turquoise.  I love making them pales!

 Lastly here's Mom on her 80th birthday.

I finished clue 4 of AMS11 and added 20 extra rows.  That photo will come next week after finishing the border.  I so love that yarn... it's the same base as the two pales above, silk/merino and so soft you want to have it round you all day long.  Hope you are all having a superdeedooper day!

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