Tuesday, June 21, 2011

FREE shawl pattern and a bit of a ramble.

I finally made a contribution to the free pool.  Just was something I felt I really needed to do so here on the right you can see my latest design creation.  Feel free to sign into Rav and get a copy of the PDF for the pattern.
Below close up shows the lace border with optional beading.  As you can see I beaded the border too which adds a bit of weight.

Need to get ya'll some photos so this is just and update on my knitting.  Finishing up Uhura... hopefully today.  On Goddess KAL shawls we are working SMS11.  This is the first time I have ever cast on two at a time.  Finished up clue 2 on both yesterday.  One is my hand painted turquoise and for the second I'm using Cherry Tree Hilll Orenburg lace.  This is a 80/20 Kidd mohair and silk blend.  It itches!  I don't get it.  All the mohair fleece I have processed... NONE of them itch!  This stuff's very like Kidd Silk Haze by Rowan.  So my question to you is this... will this itchiness decrease with the wash?  Also if you've used something like this what did you make?  So far I made a scarf for DD wild asymetrical thing in the rainbow yarn colors with rainbow beads.  She's getting that for Christmas.  I know Ice Queen (cowl) was designed in this yarn but I just can't see wearing it close to the skin at this time.  LMK if you have knit with it and what you knit and if you like it cause at this point I can't recommend this yarn... least not from either of these two producers.  Like I said my mohairs not at all itchy so I just flat out don't get this.  Might have to spin from my fleeces when I want mohair from now on.
Speaking of spinning I have been doing a great deal of it of late.  I have a baby alpaca that's working up in lace, natural brown.  Then I have this lovely wool I dyed a coon's age ago that I'm spinning up.  DD spun up a bobbin months ago and didn't want to work with it any more.  She's into cross stitch these days as Mom does nothing but cross stitch lately due to an upcoming wedding.  So I've taken over the spinning for DD.  Two different spinners, two different wheels and we ended up with the same product!  What are the chances?   A heavy fingering and I'm thinking of making DD a hat from it.  Shhhh she doesn't know.
Other then that I have been VERY busy with my book.  I currently have ALL my TKer's knitting which is AWESOME!  For some reason I keep having sock patterns come to me... I'm unindated with them though and really need to move on to the garment section.  I played with the accessories on Friday and had a few thoughts to cement some of the projects.  A few just aren't making it and they are hitting the dung heap for now.  Really enjoying seeing my designs come out the end of the Tkers needles.  SO COOL!   They seem to be enjoying them as well.  Need to work on Midnight Roses as BMFA was great about dying up the yarn for it.  Their yarn is for a set, gloves and a bag which I'm really enjoying.  :-)  Everythings WAY over the top with lots of different techniques so they are not at all boring to knit.
Well, normally when I talk this much I know I'm draging my feet about going to work so I have to fly TTFN!  Have a great day.
Boo in Hawaii! 

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