Thursday, May 5, 2011

WWMDfK sales code up

Ok Kiddies, to the best of my knowledge (need someone to make a trial run) I believe my book sales code is now up and running.  Which means to those of you who wanted to buy the book I was in that you can now do it and I will get a part of the proceeds.

What's the book you ask?  It's a great knitting book, with at times crazy knit wear designed by people who love CraftLit.  I didn't get in until the end so all I have is a dye section (which I can't find!) and I designed an alternate ending for the What Would Madame DeFarge Knit shawl.  There are recipes, essays, knitting patterns and I believe one crochet pattern in the book.  The book goes with a web site where you get even more information.  I believe the site needs to be made more public and it's waiting for the print copy to actually hit the shelves as it's not complete.

So what do you do?  See the yellow "click for more details" just to the right... that's where you go.  When you get there you will have 4 different formats for which you can purchase the book.  Do let me know if you have any trouble.  Then after you purchase one, please write me so I can see if I can find it.  Thanks ever so much for supporting this venue as you will be supporting not only me but many designers in this co-operative event.

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