Monday, May 2, 2011

Ok so here's Spanky!  He NEVER talks BUT since Coco was out of sight he had a lot to say about it.

     Seems Coco has a "recoverable" founder as he's only at about 3 degrees currently so now the work begins.  We have an excellent shoer and I trust him, we all do.  We all thank you for your prayers and well wishes. 

     So the work... we have the Poor Mans shoes on... plastic and duct tape!  Every week Kev has to go down there and pull it all off, bleach the hoof and retape it back up.  No one here can do this. I can't for obvious reasons.  Kev - last time he went to clean Coco had his back wrenched and he's never been a horsey person... the children are scared of him.  So, ??? I dunno but it WILL happen though as it's GOT to happen.  Then our shoer will come out again in 6 weeks and trim him up again.  He's got his heels shorter then the toes so that the ligaments will get a break and hopefully (prayerfully) spring back to where they should be.  
      Meanwhile Coco's styling with his duct taped shoes!  He's so funny and cute... you ever see a cat with something nasty on it's paws?  Goes like mad trying to flick it off?  Well, Coco feels funny and he tried to shake it off!  He's walking really tender even though he's pumped up with all the pain meds.  
      I feel so bad for him but the good news is that he's going to get better!  PHEW AND PRAISE THE LORD!  Even the shoer said it. :-)  All I can say is AMEN!

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  1. Oh sweetie, I haven't been paying attention, and I just learned about Coco. I'm so glad there's a better prognosis for him than the first time you posted! Of course the prayers are going up! Love, K