Saturday, May 21, 2011

Moving Day

    Said it before and I will say it again and again....
       My husband is a Prince among men!  He orchestrated Mom moving in today... left  the house with the pack of folks from church at 8am.  Loaded all the cars and trucks and trailers in 1 hour!  Then he took them out for lunch which took about 2 hours and got here at 1:30.  It's 2 and they are all gone!  What a blessing our friends our, we are so blessed.  
     So now Mom gets to unpack the mess and try to find a home here for all her belongings.  The garage is chock full o' boxes and there are a few items of furniture which don't have a home but they will all infiltrate and settle in.  Our computer guru is coming tonight to set up the two computers.  Mom's is going to be the main hub and DD is getting the one from the old office (Mom's room) so she can do all her studying in private now.
     What with Mom moving in I had to move an entire 12' x 15' closet that was packed with fabric from my old business.  Then there was quilting stuff and all kinds of little things.  So all the fabric was packed into totes, photographed, put into a Word doc with the photos.  Then Shane and DH hauled  them all up into the attic.  They are all organized and numbered really well and hopefully when I need something they will be able to find it.
     What with all that time I had on my hands last night from insomnia, I found a shawl that I want to make as a free pattern. FINALLY!  So it's 2 skeins of sock yarn... multi colored and a solid to match perfectly.  All you do is knit up the multi in a st. st. and then add a lovely lace border in the solid.  So pretty, warm, snuggly and a perfect use of the sock yarn that we all have so much of.  Gee it sure would be fun to make a full shawl collar on it to.  Hum... that solid yarn after the fact?  Built in and before the fact?  Hum... have to think on that yet, what do you think about it?  Stay tuned for the pattern.
   Last night was weird... normal for me... I don't sleep, but I have GOT to tell you what happened though.  I finally got up after sleeping for 2 hours... waking the ENTIRE house.... screaming!!! from a nightmare where I was being abducted from the family by this great big man.  He lifted me up and drug me out backwards.  So I screamed in my dream.  Then DD came flying out of her room to see what was wrong and her bathrobe was flapping back and fourth and she turned into this hideous monster with great masses of black yarn, roving, dreadlock type hair hanging down and flapping with pin point glowing lights for eyes!  I screamed again and found myself propped on my elbows screaming!  Poor Kev was so freaked, "What's wrong!"  That was at 3, Shane was still awake at 4.  It's the morphine,,, makes for incredibly real REAL REAL REAL!  hallucinations.  Not sure if I woke with the first scream or only with the second.  BUT where the man grabbed me... from where my cat way laying and man I needed Depends!  How miserable is that!  HAHA
     Just had to tell you about my dream and my Prince.  ;-)

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