Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Knit Sibs Update

     Well Kiddies, Mom's all moved in and the unpacking commences Yeawsa, Yeawsa,Yeawsa!  It's not so bad and eating an elephant is possible... just over time.  If I can only get Mom and DH to understand, things are slower and can't be done overnight like in the past. The children have been wonderful just trucking along helping out.  My entire office is in my bedroom, really need some shelves in there to get everything off of the ground as it's earwig time and they are all over the place.  I love getting organized too so it's fun to me to put things away.  DD got my bedroom set from when I was a child and finally has an organized room too.  Lets hope it stays that way.
     Yesterday I made a really neat belt for the wedding, I will have to get you a photo of it.  It's got three floral medallions in the front and back they are put together with 2 strands of chain, all of which is an antiqued brass.  In the center of the flowers I glued turquoise crystals.  Then I made a tassel from all kinds of beads and rocks.  I used headpins, loaded them with an 11, 8, large decorative bead and another 8, looped the pin around the chain and hey presto... after an hour or so I had a cool tassel of these turquoise and green beads.  The belt got us into beading and man did we bead!  DD made a lovely necklace to wear for the wedding which matches her bridesmaids outfit.  It's pink and lime with this hand coated real magenta flower in the center that matches the wedding flower.  I then proceeded to make a dozen tiny lace markers out of what? yes! flowers!!!  As well as another dozen in animal glass for size 10 or so needles that I never use so they will possibly become gifts.  Cute little things though.
     I have a quick knitting update for you... took all these photos rather quickly this weekend... so forgive the quality just wanted to show you what I am actively working on.

     I'm finally getting out a free pattern, it's this 2 skein shawl of sock yarn,,,, cause all of us probably have too much multi colored sock yarn!  :-)  Surely I'm not alone in this?  It's going to be a great winter shawl and what with using about 1000 yards you will end up with a lovely large enough shawl.  I just need to make a border chart and it will be done.  Next we have Indigo... this is a top made from a denim dyed yarn that I fell head over heals with.  This isn't as active as some of these project but she's still here.
       Here we have the EZ's February Lady's Sweater.  It also isn't as active as it could be but then I'm knitting like a fiend on a few other things around working on my book.
    This is Jane's Tippet from the What Would Madame DeFarge Knit... fell head over heals with the title long before I saw the finished product and then when I did LOVED IT!  New I had to spin up my cashmere and silk for it... this is a 50/50... SO SOFT!
 Here is Whispering Pines by Ann Hansen this yarn is my Trees in the Dark... also something I fell head over heals for immediately!  When I first saw this pattern I thought of dyeing individual balls for it... starting with night, then sky snow etc... but then I did up this yarn and knew it was perfect for this shawl.
     Here we have Uhura, BAD CAMERA!  yeah, bad photo as this is solid dark... wonderfully soft, nummy cashmere!!!!  I wish the photo would have come out correctly but it didn't.  {sigh} I'm making the shawl larger by repeating the 2nd chart many times.  Yes the stitch count is off BUT all you have to do is make sure you have a multiple of the border chart that will fit into this and VIOLA~! ~ instant success!  And YES! MMario said I could!  He rather encourages us to stray off of the path.  What with having all of this lovely cashmere there's no reason to shirk the pattern and I find I don't wear shawlettes.

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