Monday, May 16, 2011

GREAT DAY in the morning

     What a stupendous day I have had.  Absolutely fabulous!  I can't remember a more productive day.  Course that means that my bedroom is turned "Topsy Turvy" but ask me DO I CARE!!! NO WAY!  I'm so thrilled.  First, the book contract SIGNED book contract {yeah baby} came in today.   
       SNOOPY DANCING!!!     As if that's not enough DH allowed me to cry and hugged me out of a terrible spell last night.  I was just sooooo happy to be married last night.  I was crying my fool head off over opening my hands and having to trash a bunch of stuff... going through the past is NEVER nice.  Some stuff I'd not seen in years.... it's just got to go.  One is a white on white quilt... I did all of the penciling and have put about 18 hours of quilting into it but I will never finish it.  Stuff like that, some expensive, KWIM?  DH just held me and let me cry it off and then got me into a good mood... in which I ended up gently slugging him... always a good sign.
    Then today... I got to sleep 13 or more hours.  Later after warming up a bit, allowing my meds to work and limbering up, I went to work.  WORK a four letter word for me on Mondays back in the day,,, was just wonderful.  I worked non-stop except for a brief meal of the day at about four (I only get one meal due to my weight-lost over 10 pounds to date!!!) and then went back at it.  So here I sit in the middle of this mess! But oh my! I'm so happy.
     Pounded on the pattern for two versions of one of the shawls today and swatched all night.  Ordered the yarn for the two shawls (thank GOD for supportive yarn companies!) and need to line me up some test knitters.  What a great combination I found for this shawl.  Course I only have the first 25 or so rows done on one of them... but it's a start.  A great start!
     SO HAPPY!  So glad to be here and be alive today.  Thank you Lord.
     Quick knitting update.  Started and finished Clue 2 of AMS11.  Started on Uhura an MMario creation in a black cashmere with silver lined clear beads.  They so look like stars in space... perfect combination for this shawl.  This is for a KAL we are doing on ILS for this quarter.  Then I had a snappy idea for a scarf out of one ball of Kid Silk Haze... just happened to have in my stash,,, have I said I love my stash lately?  Well, I do, it's so wonderful to be able to go there and get just what I need for whatever project, including CASHMERE!!!  That and my beads! It's wonderful to have what I need... digressing! the yarn is rainbow and I'm using a rainbow of 6/0 beads and it's moving right along. Weird design but then ya'll know me.
      Coco got his boots tonight and Shane went right out there and put them on.  Great family, what a blessing,,,, didn't even have to ask!  Pretty good for a 15y/o!  They both finished schooling and are burning up the reading books.  Massive tombs (sp) of 300-600 pages each.  Nice to have fun light stuff after a year of homeschooling.
    ENOUGH! That's what I have been doing.  Hope you all are doing well too.


  1. Awesome post, Wendy! Love to hear good news!

  2. Whew! It's tomes, not tombs, just fyi. But all that aside. I am so happy for you and a book contract! That is wonderful. Congratulations and stay happy. Love you.