Sunday, May 22, 2011


What's the best word in my world?  You got - it DONE!  Evenstar is blocking!!!!!  
sing it with me!
Yes the Hammer has dropped on yet another lace shawl, Pandorf's Da Bomb!!!  I need to get you photo's of it on the way it's meant to be worn.  This is a family heirloom which is intended to be a wedding veil.  What with out eldest wedding on 7-30 I needed it asap.  Ya know, what with all the work and pattern writing, waiting for beads, sitting on them for 3 months then getting more beads cause I didn't like them... what with one thing and another this could have been done so much sooner.  You really get into a rhythm with the border and you really can crank on it.  Yes there are 1000's of stitches and you are working many stitches of border and only taking off 1 stitch for every two rows you have to knit but come on... it's so worth it!  So if you haven't finished yours I highly recommend you just bite the bullet and go for it.
     DIL will be with DD next Saturday so I need to take care of a spot, fix a problem and find a good forever box for it to reside in.  Gee, I just realized that the coffee stain seems to have disappeared!  Cool beans!  I never drink the stuff and the one time I do wouldn't you know it landed on the shawl.  course it didn't help that the thing sat around for a YEAR!  You shoulda seen the dirty water WOWSERS! 
   This is the way it's to be worn for the wedding, then folded in half and draped down for the reception  Pretty eh?

It's about 62" across the center, large and lovely.  You'd never know it but there's like 3500 beads around the edge in the border.  It's made from 100% tencel which is a plant fiber like rayon... strong and built to last... no moths so it's a permanent solution for a nasty little buggy problem, my nemisis.  :-)  I hope all the children get to use it... ONCE! Lord please!      
     Hope you are having a super dee dooper day.


  1. Simply beautiful, a real work of art.

  2. I can't imagine ever knitting anything so beautiful. It is gorgeous! You did such a fantastic job.

  3. Truly a masterpiece! I had to click on the pic to get a real eyeful; magnificent!