Monday, May 9, 2011

Chilly Willy!

Chilly Chilly Willy the Penguin!  Yikes, it's May in So Cal and I'm freezing!  Just brought out my lovely Tibetan Clouds and thought of all my friends on Icelandic Lace Shawl group on Yahoo and was grateful to have them there for me.  I'm wondering which shawl we will knit for June.
     Gee, I'm so bad, anything to get out of work.  I even cleaned out the homeschooling closet, again!  I would like to be able to make nice boxes from Mom's closet to pack them all into the homeschooling closet so that my fabric doesn't get too inaccessible.
     Then we moved the chicks to CoopDeVille, they are so cute in their big house.  Their light, food and water is on the bottom there on the left... this was taken before we moved them in.  They seem totally happy in their new home.
Here's my In Dreaming by Susan Pandorph,,, this is the one that used to be pink, remember?  Pretty huh?  I'm planning on wearing it with a satin turquoise skirt and magenta (wedding color) accessories.  Deb Menz said that she thought it would be smashing together... you can't fault her so if I look SCREAMING it will be all my own fault.
On the left we have my light pink I dyed up in the silk merino lace, LOVE it!  This is AMS11,,, it's 3/4s of a square that if you block the front edge straight will turn into a ruffly frilly foo foo... ya'll know me and ruffly so this is a good match.  It's a LOT of knitting.  Normally I can finish the first clue on day one and I didn't finish it until day 2 so you can imagine how it will be come clue 5 UGH!  LOL but I love it.  Really looking forward to the end of ILS's vote on the June shawl so that I can dig into that.  Yet another thing to keep me from my work right?!!!  BAD DOG, that said, I must get back to work, hope you are having a smashing day.  I'm surrounded by colored pencils and page after page of designs I have colored in.  :-)  Color my world beautiful.

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