Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Blouse for wedding

     Well, I found a very neutral blouse that I like for the wedding.  WHITE, ruffles of chiffon at the shoulders... crochet down the center.  Pretty little thing that will look nice even if I have to buy new fabric and can't use the turquoise with the magenta.  Deb Menz told me that they look very nice together but as large as I am in all that color! WOWSERS!!!!  might be a force to be reckoned with.  But hey it was Deb Menz who's an authority on color after all.  ;-)
     I always wear skirts and just can't see myself in a dress without actually trying one on I can't see how to do it so I thought to stick with my turquoise and white... then add a splash of magenta in the scarf/belt? and purse, stockings? hat? sooooooo much color.  Know what I want?  I dreamed of this lovely silk confection!  It was cream and magenta and had a long tall ruffle down one side that went from small at the shoulder down to a bit larger at the floor.  It was lovely and all cream and like strawberry purple and well it was soft and lovely.  All this turquoise and magenta such a peacock,,, just not sure.  I should just make the skirt and be done with it.  My Dreaming will go over the top of this blouse at night.  If you remember I dyed it dark turquoise.
     Just WAIT Till you see the bag... it's form is made but I need to get some magenta now for the handle.  I have a blue and cream one all worked up but think I should now dye the magenta up... gee, I should just dye the handle and be done with it... what a great idea~!
   The family wedding veil is the Evenstar circular knit shawl... I did mine up in 100% tencel so it's good for the LA July... been working on it steady for the last two days and got half way round the border finally! :-) 
      When everyone gets together to get the children their clothing Kev's going to go on the big shopping day. :-)  He has no suit and needs to rent one with the boys.  I much prefer he look nice for the wedding as these are photos for a life time.
     Other then that I have been working on the book,,, ordering yarns and knitting up swatches and working on my chart program.  I am a very strange bird.  I work for a day, hate all that I did and then have another go at it.  Turns out the 2nd or 3rd time so far has done the trick.  Still the major items not coming together like I had hoped it would.  From what I understand of the creative type... I fall right in with the ranks.
  Hope you all are having a wonderful day.

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