Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Knit a thon update

Well Kiddies, been knitting up a storm around here these days.  I know I need to make a blog post when my desktop is so crowded that it takes forever to load!  Either that or it's time to get a pattern out.  :-)
Ya'll know who this is.... my darling daughter... out in the front patch of flowers again.  These are a few of the 150 bulbs she and Shane planted last Fall.  The top is her own design what you can't see is that those are cables going up the front, key hole opening and a pewter closure.  Pretty little thing, just like her.  I love her so much that it's bound to show here.  Forgive me. 

Yes I finally cast on for a February Lady's sweater, I must be the only person on who hasn't cast this on yet.   Those buttons are really old they are abalone and they are covered in a steampunky metal.  Cool eh!  I loved them and thought them perfect for this project.  Course you all know me, couldn't make a pattern the way it's written to save my life.  I changed out the gull lace (looks like an up arrow) for the porcupine stitch which is just lovely and looks more like porcupine quills. 
The other night found DD and me in the garage with wood sticks trying to get this bad boy out of the garage.  He's lovely!  Under his wings when you spread them they are PINK!!!  What an unexpected surprise.

 On the left we have my Sailor Top, so called due to the yarn's name Filate's Sailor.  It's drying now.  LOL leave it to me to take a photo before blocking right!  This is from a pattern which no one but the designer had made on Ravelry, sad so I had to post it there.  If you need more info it's up there.
Above is my Indigo top, also named for the yarn.  This is my design, you like?  I'm current much further along on this and the February Lady's, that ones at the first repeat of the lace which is just under the arm and Indigo is at the separation for the V-neck.  I can't work on Indigo as much as I'd like to due to my mental faculties not being up to par.  Funny but true, you have the proof above that they work from time to time.  I despise ripping though so if I find I can't do the braid I will stop.
Speaking of ripping... dropping more like... I had a horrible mess in this clue... made an extra leaf and had to drop that down.  Course that left me with a bunch of extra yarn as the leaf turned into a K3tog.  What did I do?  This is sticky yarn so I just wove it in!  Ya'll know me!  Imperfect as the day I was born.  Looking forward to the weekend when I will be finally!!!! able to finish this puppy and it's pound of beads!
      Also OTN is a purse for the wedding of my eldest.  It's a hand dyed hand spun turquoise wool.  I've made it about 1/3rd the way up the bag, just a standard rectangular shape so far, nothing special.  I will be felting the bag and then doing this what to call it... tree shape?  Not really but sort of.  It will be done in the outline stitch then it's going to be beaded at the ends of each of the "branches", probably rainbow bright beads in a size 6.  Should be really fun.  Then of course I will line it in the turquoise satin of my skirt.  More then likely I will put it up for sale as I have all my other bags in the past.  Dear things... I hope that they are being used to this day. 
Well kiddies, that's enough!  NO!  I have to tell you one more thing that's digging at me.  Late last night I pulled out my Interweave Crochet mag for Spring cause the Dahlia Shawl has really been pulling at me something fierce.  See I have this merino silk base that's just to DYE FOR!!!  (Yes! PIn)  It's the softest stuff you ever dreamed of, silk like.  Then I have this new dye technique which puts dye throughout the skein with no pale spots and leaves behind the color in a very pale shading.  Together these two are just unbestinkingleaveable!  You wouldn't believe how wonderful this stuff comes out.  I'm going to be casting on for the AMS11 with a pale pink and I can't help it... pale yellow has been SCREAMING at me!  So I was thinking... I could do the Dahlia in the pale yellow.  :-)  See I have long wanted to make a lovely crocheted lace shawl and well... I didn't like the Dahlia the first time I saw it due to all the repetition of the center of the shawl.  On closer inspection and perqulation I find that it's really very lovely.  The border is just nummy so I will have to cast on.  In the same magazine is the cupcake top.  DD recently was gifted a certificate and bought DK weight cotton.  She has been trying to c/o for a top for three days now.  I'm going to show her this and see if she wouldn't like to learn Tunisian crochet and make this top instead as I can so see her in it.  She's got a cotlin blend I believe and it's a tan-beigey color which would look lovely with one of her little white tops under it.   PERFECT BLEND!  sigh 
I have two patterns which I need to get out to ya'll.  One's a pair of socks and it's at the test knitters.  The other I haven't gotten off yet to the test knitters as it needs a border which is perqulatin as well.  So off to my manic knitting and perqulation.  I wish you peace. 
DON'T FORGET Three more days to send in your name for the contest!!!!

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  1. Katie's sweater is adorable. She's a talented girl, that one! Just like her mama! Love all your things OTN. My goodness, you've been busy!