Friday, April 1, 2011

Contest time!

Ok Kiddies, time for a contest.  During the entire month of April for each person who you send over here,,, that signs up as a follower, you get one entry.  Yes, you could sweep the thing!

PRIZES!! cause we all love them.  You will receive this lovely skein of sock yarn (superwash 460 yards) hand painted by the Yarn Fairy.

Which my camera didn't do justice too but you get the idea... AND one sock pattern from the list of my patterns which you can find here.    Patterns

Remember, for each entry all you have to do is bring a friend.  :-)  Notify me AFTER they signed up for the blog.  Send me your followers ID here on Blogger and your e-mail address to Please feel free to share this post around, the more the merrier.

So far the only rule.  (If you can think of another LMK)
You may not sign up for yourself so please do not sign up from another computer in your home.  ;-)

Contest ends April 30 and results will be posted and mailed out within the first week as the winner responds.

Let the games begin!

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