Monday, April 18, 2011

Contest Anyone?

I have a big fat ZERO entries for that lovely yarn.  Is no one going to get it?  Such a shame but I'm sure I can put it to good use as I have been dyeing (LOL) to c/o a plain pair of socks.  Well, those would look better in cables and lace though.  HUM... need some other yarn from my stash.  So it's not too late.  Just have a friend sign up as a follower and e-mail me their name to

Why haven't I written for so long?  I have been deeply depressed.  Not sure what that's all about other then I LIVE!  When I dye (yes it's spelled wrong) then there will be no more depression.  I look forward to that day with relish.  Speaking of food, I'M SICK TO DEATH OF BEANS AND RICE!!!  I know, I should be grateful that we even have them but understandably I'm loosing more weight.  Mom's coming up next weekend and I thought it was this weekend which could account for why I slept all weekend.  I was so confused and sad that she wasn't coming up this weekend when DH told me.  So I went to sleep... ALL WEEKEND!  

Remember I told you I was suffering from castitonitis?  Well the result has been:


Which is made from 100% cotton denim in the Indigo colorway which is where it gets it's name.  They are saying it will shrink and shrink the swatch did.  So I made it a bit large.  This photo was taken some time ago as I now have 5 repeats of the braid and have the sleeves ready to be joined on.  Course Indy's got a braid going up the make that two, because lifes not hard enough... I have to make my knitting tough too.  It's a top in DK on size 3's in case I hadn't said that.  I'm tired of all the WW one pound tops I have been making.  So I should be really happy with this when done.

Then there's....SAILOR
Which is named after the yarn, again.  This will now be split for working front and back as the top is a drape neck and so can't be knit in the round as it's got a twist to it.  I plan on adding sleeves, just little cap sleeves like Indigo has.  I need some plain knitting now though as working on these all day is enough to make one BUGGY!  I really need some plain knitting!

I finished up the Vines in the Trees and it's with the test knitter as soon as she's done I will get photo's from her and be able to put the finishing touches on the pattern and that will be up at Ravelry.

Then there's Jungle Vines... anyone see a pattern here?  LOL That's all designed, yarn, beads, charts all done and ready for the test knitter but I'm waiting the go ahead from the publisher who's under great stress doing the galley's for 3 other books and traveling on the weekends to promote other books.

Got the IK stuff back and have put the hankie back OTN... it's thread and size 11 beading which has gotten me looking into thing like this purses  and this How To . Someone please PLEASE shoot me before it's too late!  The thing is,,, I have all the supplies to get going on this.  My dilemma is that I can see a way of making them EASIER! and with bits of fancy work in there with them.  Granted it's not historically correct but it's sure Wendism correct.  ;-)  I keep thinking of 00, 000, 0000, 00000 sized needles... magnifying glasses and size 11 beads and where does one get very find silk and what does one call very fine silk?  I know what to call cotton, 40 thread,,, DMC pearl is 12 or so on but silk?  And were do you get it.  It's all the fault of that hankie which started it all.  Speaking of which,,, if I can find a test knitter for it... that too will hit Ravelry.  It's a hankie from the Romance Era.

Well, enough!  For one Monday anywhoo.  I hope you are having a great day and can refer someone and get that yarn!  Come on peeps, lets see some turn out here.


  1. Very pretty... You're making great progress on both tops! Size 0000??? EEEKKKKK!!!!

  2. I was so worried when I heard you had "castitonitis". That sounded so serious and frightening, and then I realized what it was, and thought OMG, it was even more serious and frightening than I originally thought! I love reading your blog, and find your work very inspiring! Have a wonderful day!

  3. How about Gutermann silk thread? It's sewing thread so should do.