Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cast it ON!

We have a very BAD cases of castitonitis!  DD is not soothing my itch as she's finishing and starting new stuff like mad.  She's VERY disciplined and doesn't go around casting on like crazy, unlike someone I know.  
So, I finally finished that afghan! I keep saying it cause I keep saying it here!  I will get up and holler, finished that afghan!  I still can't believe I did it in so few days but there it is I surely did, da did, da done!!
 SEE!  Here's the proof!  I c/o 3-16? and b/o on 4-1 and no fooling this April 1st! afghan

I finished clue 6 of In Dreams
http://afewstitchesshort.blogspot.com/ its all Barbs fault that I'm doing this one!!!! she was the tipping factor-hear that Barb!  :-)  She kept talking about it and I was already dying to do it.   It's really heavy at this point... must be at least 2500 beads on it now.
The children put up the garden already!  I'm so pleased.  We might actually get some veggies this year.  DH got a new softener when the other bellied up this year and it has a button to turn it off which they do.  He's running potassium in it instead of the salt which is better if they forget.  MY GARDENS IN!  So pleased with what all they got accomplished this weekend.  DS did the 2.5 acres of grass on the riding mower.  So happy for him that he's got that thing.... so much work what with having to beg it off of the neighbors before.  Then we put in about 12 little flower packs, DH got them on sale.

Ok, so back to the knitting.  I finally finished the knitting for the newest sock pattern, Vines in the Trees.  It's lovely!  I love these socks.  I just have to photo shoot them and get it test knit then I will load the pattern into Ravelry for purchase.

Finished up a pair of vanilla socks that I had OTN for at least a year.  These were my night time knitting when I wasn't working on something special.  Classic Elite?  Alpaca sock in teal... nice winter sock.  So of course I had to c/o a summer sock right?  I mean you have to have night time knitting, right.  These are lovely... I didn't like the color of this stuff when I bought it but I got it super cheap... like $3.00 per skein!  So what dyer could pass that up right?  It's the perfect summer sock yarn, Panda Cotton by Crystal Palace Yarns, Crystal Palace 59% bamboo, 25% cotton, 16% elastic nylon.  Now the first time I knit with this stuff I didn't know how to make nice not rice.  Now that I do I'd happily knit with rope!... not saying this stuff is.  Actually it's making a lovely fabric!  It's their Vanilla cream so it's white, pale yellow/orange and pale orange... you see the problem right?  I can't stand orange! LOL  BUT I'm really pleased as the fabric is stunning and really soft.  I keep thinking I really should make a pattern on the legs but some times you just have to make up some plain Janes, ya know?  They dropped the color ... I keep thinking overdye in pink would make this really swell.

Remember that island paradise sock yarn we made up?  I keep wanting to make this black foreground of palm trees and hammocks with that yarn.    Then there's this Cherry Tree Hill select lace that's been stretched... so it's super soft and wonderful.  This yarn was a limited run and they ran out really fast as it's Optim,,,
lovely stuff if you have ever had the chance to feel it.  You can still find a few skeins on Ravelry destash.  Stashes   I just got this one... MINE! all gone :-) I have like 1400-1500 yards of this pale to dark turquoise and I'm going to make up a nice plain lace pattern that doesn't have to have a solid yarn.  Something that's a triangle but more... so that it hugs and doesn't fall off.  Have to brainstorm with DD over that as I'm not wanting a Faroese.

What else? Oh my little Sailor!  Sailor Top  We are doing a KAL on my best friends list, there's only 4 of us but it's the BEST!!  We pick whatever summer yarn we want and whatever pattern we think would look best on us.  I have been wanting to try this drop neck one for ages so here's my chance.  Then I realized how much I loved this Filate Sailor yarn.  It's a cotton that's DK so it makes a lighter top then all the WW yarns do.... which is all I have in my stash so I went and got a bag of each of these.
Gee I haven't ordered from Elann since 08!  I wanted to show you the black yarn.  It's Reynolds cool cotton
Fibre Content: 90% Cotton/ 10% Cool Steel Made In: Italy Care: Hand Wash/ Dry Flat Gauge: 25 st/ 4 inches 3.75 mm (US 5) Yardage: 104 m (114 yards) per 50g ball Size: Bag of 10 50g (1.75 oz) balls
It's so chic in the black!
Fibre Content: 60% Cotton/ 40% Linen Made In: Italy Care: Machine Wash, Cold, Gentle/ Dry Flat Gauge: 22 st/4 inches 4.0 mm (US 6) Yardage: 105 m (115 yards) Size: 50g (1.75 oz) ball
Elle True Blue Pure Indigo Dyed Cotton Full Bag Sale
Fibre Content: 100% Pure Indigo Dyed Cotton Made In: South Africa Care: Hand Wash/ Dry Flat or Machine Wash and Dry, allowing 5% shrinkage in length Gauge: 22 st/4 inches 3.25 - 4.0mm (US 3-6) Yardage: 108 m (118 yards) per 50g ball Size: Bag of 10 50g (1.75 oz) balls  
I'm really looking forward to getting them to work them up so if you see another top that looks smashing holler!

Mostly what you can see here is just blubs which DD planted in the Fall... about 150 of them!  :-)  Later I will have a better photo for you of the flowers growing like mad... I hope Hope HOPE!
 That's enough for now I'm guessing.  OHHH that lace video!
Artisaneuro  In case you haven't seen it have a peek.  Incredibly talented women and children... all the way up to the grandmas.  Due to this video I pulled out some navy cashmere just in case I have to cast on again! :-)

Leaving you with a pet... so lovable.

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