Saturday, April 30, 2011

Busting with news WWMDK, chicks, Coco and my new book

WOW all in one message.  Hopefully I will keep this brief as possible.
     First of all the book that I have a dye section in: What Would Madame DeFarge Knit, is soon to be released.  I have signed up for the % thingy but need a bit more time to get my URL and then you can purchase it from me and I get a sale commission on every sale.  Cool Beans EH!!!  Personally I can't wait.
     Next we gots CHICKS!!
     This is them still in their traveling box.

This is all our favorite,,, see that cream top?  He's going to be what we call a top hat!  CUTE AS A BUG!  Gee, bugs ain't cute in the country WHY on earth do we say that!  Country bugs is massive things!  Crane flies that are the size of the house.  Ok, so the size of a tennis ball.... but they are humongous things.
     Here's the baby's all set up in their temporary home.  They will stay in a box in the house until they are old enough to move to the Coop De Ville.  That will happen pretty rapidly but we want to keep them nice and warm until then.  As you can see they like the warmth.  They are in the bay window currently but that will change.  We had to kennel Boop as he's just a tad bit too excited for the chase.  Bark's a bit calmer and he's happy to just pass by on occasion.  The cats are another story.  Needless to say the box will move to a room with a door that can close when I'm not here.
This is Coop De Ville!  The children's old play house.  The horse paneling will get wired and then the area where they could get under the house will be shoved in with chicken wire as we had one die in that manner once.

     DH is going to get 2x4's and make a double layer roost.  Me, I just want a chair in there!  I love being "Chicken Lady" and it's been sooooo long.  About 10 years I think.  Back in Bear Valley, I would set in the coop just as the sun was going down after I'd done the dinner dishes.  Within 15 minutes I'd have them everywhere on me!  Including my head!!!  Can't wait!!!!  I just need a walker/chair or a cane/chair.  Something light that I can carry and set down on when my back goes out on me... about 15 steps.  Any idears?
I have been wanting to show you our gardens but there just hasn't been much to speak of yet.  DH found a great sale and we put in like a dozen pony packs and then there was a hail storm that destroyed it all.  These are the bulbs the children planted last Fall.  Well a few of them.  They planted about 150 of them but we are on 2.5 acres so you know what that means.... they are spreeeead out.  We will do it again if the Lord allows, or should I say finances? in the Fall.  
     Here is the front porch, you can just see my rocker there on the left.  These are tulips DUH right!  What you can't see are all those green lumps are flowers.  They are just taking hold again after that hail storm.  Even the massive Jasmine had to be cut back, see it there just to the front of the half barrel (grey).  It used to go up the post and out on all edges.
This box is my veggie garden.  I know... not much here either yet.  YET!  DD planted everything in here.  The stuff on the right is vines, center is pole beans, left is lettuce.  We plan on allowing the vines to go over the ground in every direction.  We have 2 layers of thick, tiny hole, rabbit wire under ground so that the voles and such don't get the veggies.  It's about 24" off of the ground so that I can do a bit of tending... I hope.  :-)  If this test works then we will build another each year till we are done.  We keep adding trees and the like as well.  I have been taking clippings of our squiggly tree that came from valentine bouet a few years ago.  We have 2 large trees in the back from them and about 5 around the house with more to come that are in water and dirt inside.
     SPRING HAS SPRUNG!  I have a new dye method that I ADORE!!!!!  It makes for no white spots the first time you dye and I can do very pale colors which is AWESOME!  I don't have shawls in these colors and I'm waiting for my FMG order to come in.  I split it with a friend so that we can get better pricing.  Gee, I love them all but I will have to decide which to use before the 7th with Renee's new FREE KAL starts. My lace you see here is a merino silk blend that's sooooooooooo soft and nummy.  One of my friends said she wanted to bring it to bed with her but knew it would tangle and thought better of it!  Best compliment you can get.  If you need my base yarn list just e-mail me.
        Second to LAST but not least.
My colorwork book is chugging along!  I'm was so happy.  I got the green light and two thumbs up from the publisher and sent off ---the first of the --TOO MANY--- patterns to a test knitter.  PHEW, been waiting so long to do that and I'm so happy to have it done.  WHAT FUN!  Now it's back to the design program to hit the next one.  FUN FUN FUN I'd rather do this then just about anything.  Yarn companies are great when they find out your are an author as they want you to use their yarns.  It's quite an experience.  I only hope that Fine Things (book) can be done when this one is through as I ADORE seed beaded silk bags and want to write patterns for so many fine, usable items.  Anyway, LOL ain't even done with one and I'm on to the next.
     I was given the green light about the book then not one hour later the shoer came with some very serious and very bad news about our pony Coco.  Which is why I didn't get a chance to even get happy about the book. You all who've been with us for a long time know who he is but for those of you who are new... this is Coco.
     Isn't he just the living end!  I love and adore this little guy.  He's a Spanish gaited pony who's been with us for about 10 years now and we all adore him.  Well I haven't been down to see him for a really long time and those who have didn't notice that his hooves are in seriously bad condition.  We got the shoer out, he came in and said he's foundered and he's in horrible pain from twisted bones in his legs.  You want me to shoot him?  HELLO!  That would be like shooting a child.  I just couldn't see this.... specially without even trying.  From what I understand founders really bad.  BUT I can't believe it.  I think he's going to be much better then he is now on Monday when our shoer comes back and takes good care of his hooves.  He's got to put him on tranqs and only then can he work.  We have him on Bute (horse aspirin) and already he's up and about.  I just wish he'd lay down again as I know he's causing more damage.  Regarding the founder, he saw him laying down, not getting up even with us climbing all over him and he saw alfalfa and a yellow horse pucky.  Course he's not a vet.  I'm praying that it's just his hooves, a feed change and not a founder at all. Yes, he should be at the vet but remember we can't afford to buy food any more so... we are doing the best we can.  It will be about $250 (NO idea where this is going to come from, no credit cards left) on Monday to get him cut all the way back to the quick, padded and shod.  He's never had to have shoes, poor dears in agony though.   Prayerfully.... this will be the end of it.  He's such a character.  I remember when we moved in (I could still walk then) I was walking the property picking up trash.  I put it into this green plastic box that I also found out on the property.  Coco was following me eating and nose in about - before you know it he had the green box in his teeth!  He tossed it high in the air where the wind took the trash and tossed it all about again.  He snorted, kicked out one hind leg and whinnied as if to say HAHA gotcha!  Back in BV I remember going out to look at the stars with him before bed.  He'd always (never fail!!!) rip off my headcovering and then the chase was on!  What a fun part of our family he is.  Please please pray for our precious Coco.
     About a week ago we'd started to change his food from all 2nd & 3rd cut alfalfa over to alfalfa in the AM and 3 way (mixed seedy grasses) in the PM.  I'm wondering if that's not the cause of the wrong colored poo.  BUT one thing at a time.  Please pray for him if you think of us.  We none of us could stand putting him down but if someone has to pull the trigger it will be me... I knew better.  The problem was that ONE year he went with NO hoof growth, none at all.  Then this growth was put on like wild fire.  I really don't see how it could have happened.  The only thing we changed was the mineral block.  If I could get down to his corral I could have foreseen this and taken care of him.  But what's that saying about wishes, ifs and buts? I can't remember but ya'll know what I mean.  That and crying over spilt milk.
     Here's the deal... one HOUR after I'd heard about my book I got bad the news.  To me it's like... ok here's a gem... but here... let me take it back from you.  I'm really sad.  You know that thing about the other shoe dropping.  So much very bad stuff has been going on that I'm not allowed to even have a shot at happy.  That might as well be a foreign language, the word "happy".  It's just not in my vocabulary any more.  Neither is "laughter",,,, both are rare and precious when they do hit.... but so short lived.
      God please bless us... everyone.  From my heart to yours. 

Please no condemning posts... I don't think I could take it.  Normally I don't allow much of my "real life" here due to too much judgmental PM's.  Please know that I can't take it right now.  Just encouragement and prayers which I covet at this point.


  1. Dear Wendy,
    I came across your original site about 7 years ago when I got saved, and I consider you one of my very special memories of my foundation when I got saved. My heart aches for you as I read this post, so please know, know, know that you are being prayed for, friend.

    Father, please, in your mercy, bring peace, relief, assistance, joy and hope to dear Wendy and her family (including her beloved Coco!). Show yourself in a MIGHTY way!!! Amen!
    With His Love,

  2. Aw... what a meaningful prayer from your friend, Lisa. Know you are in my prayers, also. And poor Coco... I hope things turn out O.K. for him...poor little fella.

  3. Praying for Coco and your heart also Wendy. The chicks are soooo cute! I hope we can get some next year when - hopefully - we are settled at a new place. Love ya!

  4. Prayers going on here, too, Wendy. Pets are such a special part of our lives, and the Lord knows how much we need them - both to nourish and to nourish us. I hope Coco is much, much better soon.
    Yarntangler aka Sally in Michigan

  5. Awwww, I love your pets, God loves them too. He's been merciful with ours; He will be there for you too.

    I love your chicks! Never had chickens before; I'm a "wannabe"! Maybe someday. Until then I'll enjoy watching yours grow :).

  6. Prayers going up for dear little Coco who holds such a special place in your memories and heart. Of course, goes without saying, you and yours are always in my prayers too.

    There is much inspiration you give to many, without you knowing. For that I thank you.

    Marlene *who generally is a lurker, but always reads you*