Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sugar Ruca love and adoring tea

What a yarn!  This stuff is amazing!  It feels like silk but wears like cotton and it's as if you aren't wearing anything... it's THAT comfortable!  LOVE IT!

This is easily the best looking top I have made to date.  Simple EZ in the round bottom up as always but ,, well I think it's the yarn that made the difference.  I have more in a washed out purple and blue too.  I didn't use up all of the 4th skein so now I know I can make another top up with the 4 skeins I bought of that.  BUT before I will allow myself to get to that one.... I HAD to complete a WIP.  I know that I have 3 more tops.  Two are thin like between a fingering/sport weight.  One in blues and the other in purples... they are both done to the waist.

Nothing new here.  I was able to pull out the third top but know it's not going to be anything like this one.  I have the sleeves onto it and I'm doing up the neck.  It's the SWTC silk which is raw and put into a cable about worsted weight.  It's a beigy coloring.

Really want to finish this top though so I can get back to Mirrors while I have the time.  My contract hasn't come through for my work so wont have to worry about doing it this week anyway.

Then too my gold shot yarn should be here this week.  HAHA too bad Fort Knox! I got the gold now.  :-0)  Can't wait to make up Morning Glory which is light sapphire, lavendar with blips of pink, green and yellow... get it.. Morning Glory!  Then there's Woodland Elves which is mostly brown with green and then blips of other greens and browns and perhaps a bit of a purple or blue if they fit with the Elves that are dancing in front of me.  Can't wait to get these guys outta my head and onto their yarn.  Spring Garden is in there screaming at me... green and pink with orange, yellow and red flowers in the background.  There's still the purple on the gold shot with highlights of many colors.  I can't wait to dig into this stuff.  I LOVE DYEING!  Can't wait, hope you are having as much fun. 

Oh and BTW, still loosing weight dramatically... as you can see from the above photo.  I haven't wanted to take a photo for these last few years that I have been chair bound due to the 60+ pounds I had gained.  I thought it would never come off as I have ALWAYS had to work very hard at loosing weight... but here it's just coming off in leaps and bounds.  I have no appetite either.  Please pray that there's nothing really wrong with me.  Nice to loose weight but as it's always been so very difficult  - I have to believe something is radically wrong.

So TEA!!!! ME LOVES ME SOME TTTTTTEA!  Last night DS made me a pot of Oolong tea and I thought surely it would keep me up but no.   I had no problem sleeping.  Granted there was only one tea bag,,, could that have had something to do with it?  Ya think?  I adore this tea pot and cup when drinking asian type teas too.  On the other side of the cup is a fly that the froggie needs.  Then on the lid knob there's another one.   The handle is all bamboo so it's cool to the touch.  The tea stays warm for a good long time too.  Gee, I need me a pottatea! COOL BEANS LOVE IT!

I have another thing I ADORE these days for you.  Have you noticed how wonderful my photo's have been of late?  It's due to Picasa3 which is a free application to download to your computer.  You can pay for more advanced items to use in it but I have the fully free version and it's just wonderful!  I adore warmify... a function which enhances the photo in making it bronze colored and enchanting.  DS just found sharpen for me, due to the cheap camera this function is very handy.  The I'm feeling Lucky button is just wonderful.  Sometimes I know that a photo needs more but I can't think of what type of thing it needs.  Clicking this button is very fast and easy.  So how to you get it.  You don't think I would actually keep that from you do you? Picasa 3 :-)  I love you all too much to withhold this information from anyone!  Go download it and play, you will fall in love as I have done.

Ok, this is getting really long but the children took some photos for me of the livestock since I don't get to get down there any more.  It's only 50 feet away but it's a slight grade and unfortunately difficult to get back up... not to mention impossible to stand once I get there.  Anyway,,, you need to see these.  The snow has all melted and it's about 50 now.

 Left is Spanky who's fit in really well here.  He's not as vocal as any of us would like BUT when he speaks we all listen very carefully in hopes to hear it again.  It's a very deep, low baaa but we have heard it... so he has our ears.  Then ya'll know Coco, "Say hi to the nice people Coco,,, {neigh}, good boy."  We just got a massive amount of hay for the rest of winter.   I can't wait for spring when we will have a fleece!!!!  The sweetie pie who game Spanky to us will be back in Spring to sheer him Thank you Lord!  So it's worked out well for all.


  1. I love that top that you made you are one amazing sister. You lost weight and look wonderful I am sooooo happy for you and mom is coming up soon
    love ya all and miss ya

  2. I think that's one of the prettiest tops I've seen that you have made. The color is gorgeous and I love the top part! You're looking great, too!