Thursday, March 31, 2011

Last minute thread freebie

Well kiddies, this is the very last day and I just found out about it or I would have told you sooner.  A friend of mine told me about this and said it was legit, that she's already gotten her thread.  This is a new embroidery thread company who's advertizing ploy was to send 3 free skeins of floss to whomever asked... only todays the last day so I hope this reaches you in time.  Ignore the paypal and the math problem is to be solved.  LOL I thought it was my phone number!  Then I tried replicating the problem.  Then I realized all that was needed in the box was the answer to the equation!!  LOL
The reason I ordered the sample was to if it might work for my wedding skirt that I'm going to make for DS's wedding.  Scroll down to see the mad turquoise dye day we had.  We ended up with enough good stuff to make my skirt for the wedding.  I can see it in my minds eye and yesterday I saw it in an old black and white movie!  It's an original replication from the 40's!!!  Go figure!
The underskirt is of a turquoise satiny fabric, thin, good for the hot LA weather in July!  Then over it I have the light blue lace fabric to subdue the underside.  It will make an a-line not so fullish paneled underskirt and then the over gets a bit fuller in the lace fabric.  I always new that I wanted the front to ride higher then the back (in the lace) and that I wanted to trim it.  What I didn't see was that a wee bit of embroidery would look smashing on a plain lace edging!  The thread I just got off of the site will be put to that use, I got a violet, an ecru and a turquoise.  It should be fun seeing what comes of it.  I only hope the style is flattering and not going to help make me look more like a stranded whale on the beach!
So what color did you order?

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