Monday, March 7, 2011

Dyeing and Knitting necessary as breath!

Yup, went a little nuts and now I'm sitting down for a change.  DD has been a knitting fool!  Just like her ole Mam!  :-)  I'm so happy for her... no matter where life takes her or what befalls her she will always have my stash of books, yarn, needles and dye to comfort her.
These are
both patterns by Renee Leverington
We went on a dyeing crazy last night.  I got stuck on an island of my own making and knew that all the boats in the world wouldn't get me off until I'd done what was in my head... dye my island!  So dye we did.  There's the ocean, sky and sea,,, waves crashing and a little conch shell... which goes into the pal tree over your head... while you idle on a hammock.  As you look out to the sky the sun is setting and there the orangey purples came to play.  See the waves frolicking at the beach there?

Island Paradise has a dozen different colors on it.   These two on the left are available, they are my merino superwash base, 462 yards.  Would look AWESOME in my Vanilla sock with the beaded picot edging with a rainbow of beads! YUM

The plain merino on the right was to be for me for a solid knit shawl or perhaps patterned.... and if it was to be patterned then I would make a free pattern from it.  The market still needs many items made from sock yarn that are multi colored that work, so I want to help out.  Anyway on the plain merino, we are going to use it all up until there's no more left and then only order superwash as it's real swell... really takes the colors. 
In mine, the plain merino (not superwash) the colors leaked out and didn't remain as vibrant.  After balling it up this morning I realized that is looked like pastel sherbet vomit and nothing much was going to change that but an over dye.  So as we speak....
     Sing it with me....
"Boil him,
Boil him,
Boil him in oil!"                                                                             Horton Here's a Who

AHHHHHHHHH much nicer.  This will actually do for lace now!  Oh well... so much for the pattern, I will play and have fun with it.  So what do you do with a dozen left over colors... dye more yarn!

In addition to all the dyeing I have been a knitting fiend trying to get ready for the work which is coming in this week.  Here's clue 3 of In Dreaming by Pandorf,,, love it!

Hope you are having a super dee dooper Monday!

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  1. Awww, I liked the sherbet vomit! But I'm sure you had a better sense of it, being there with said vomit in person. ;)