Tuesday, March 1, 2011

DD's Shawl, Oolong, crocus and a discount code for you to get your own Oolong

Ok kiddies,,, Gabby here.  LOL I don't like making posts too long to read and here I am making ANOTHER one in two days but I have too!

You see, I'm extremely happy for DD (BTW, she will turn 14 on the 15th) who dumped a bunch of WIP's and decided that she would allow herself to c/o another shawl. This is Beltane by Renee Leverington who makes the best shawls.  They are relatively simply TV knitting and yet come out just lovely.  This is why DD and I have made so many of her shawls.  The original was done in what looks like a multi colored yarn with perhaps light areas so it comes out looking like cobweb to me.  What do you think? Beltane Shawl So DD chose what we thought might be similar.  It's a light weight lace that I kettle dyed in Sapphire.
There's a really large border being added to the bottom and then she's done.  she's diligently worked her way through this in the last week or so.  GREAT work says I. 

Something else that I REALLY ADORE is my newish blue kettle.  We had a really wacked very old kettle, then I bought a glass one to see blooming flowers.  Now we have a very sturdy kettle in cobalt of course... it's got the heat proof handle and the spout is covered by a nicely shaped plug that is also heat proof.  We love tea so the proper kettle is very important.

OH GUYS THE CHILDREN ARE FLYING!  I can't believe it.  All the bulbs that they planted... there must have been 200 bulbs this year.  I got crocuses, daffodils, tulips, all kinds and colors.   WELL They are flying cause some are coming up already!  How cool is that!  When we came here it was 2.5 acres of weeds, star thistle, scrub,,, nothing that was worth keeping not even one tree!  So this is just really exciting to look out the window and see this!
We have two levels in front... little hillocks where the grasses don't grow much.  This particular one is down in the garden area.  So the reason I'm so happy to see these little guys is due to all the dirt hereabouts.  Mom will be thrilled to see them too I'm sure.  It's so nice to have so much when we started with so little.  I really need to get some money to buy some seeds as we have to plant cucs inside asap.  Then there's the box planter DH made.  It's needing a bit more soil and then it will be high enough for me to work at sitting on a stool.  FUN!  Springs coming peeps,,, hang in there all you folk covered in snow.

MMMMMMMM sipping Oolong from my cool cup and pot, can't recommend it enough.  I buy mine from www.iherb.com  if you go there to buy it they will ship the same or next day and they have free shipping over $40, where we live,,, they are in the next county and we get our order the next day!!!  Oh and I have a discount code for you to use WEN537 put that in when you are checking out and you will receive a discount.  My Oolong is Prince of Peace but that's out of stock now, it was a GREAT buy, 100 bags for $4.83, can't beat that.  Try Uncle Lee's, I love all of the teas I have gotten from them.  While you are there buy the bar shampoo... it's GREAT!  I love it.  Just rub the bar all over my scalp and then I condition with a really thick conditioner.

ENOUGH!  LOL 2 posts in one day...  shesh!  I hope you are having a great day too.

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