Saturday, March 26, 2011

Contest help, more editing and a NEW BOOK!

Hi Kiddies, hope you are having a great day. 

I have long been wanting to hold a contest for a pattern and some of my yarn but haven't been able to figure out the guidelines and was hoping for some advice.  I like asking you all for advice as you are all so very helpful. :-) Here's what I have worked up so far. 
1) For each person you bring to my blog who signs on as a follower, you get one entry.
2) No entries from the same household just a different computer. ;-)
3) Contest open for one month?
4) seems like there should be more, like something is missing, can you think of what it is.  I knew you could!  Please comment below.  BTW, I can't reply to comments but I do read them all.

Still waiting for my separate URL for the purchase of the book I'm in, WWMDfK, see the little gadget there on the right?  As soon as I get my URL it will go there and you all will be able to purchase it and I will get a commission on top of royalties.   Cool eh!   It's only in the pre-sale stage and I'm still editing my few pages.  It's a job, don't let anyone tell you different. 

Now I get to tell you all that I have been given a contract on my very OWN BOOK!  Yes indeedy you are talking with a soon (some year or other) to be author of my very own book.  Isn't that fun!  I have had all these designs dancing in my pea brain and my sketch book has been open more then it's been closed.  The book is to be color work... what else!  Those of you who know of my commissioned knitting, know that I have knit more color work then anything else so I'm getting (modesty aside) pretty good at it.  I can't be the Queen Bee cause that's Sally Melville and I'm sure I'm not the princess so we need to come up with a name for me.  ;-)  My ideas so far fit into garments like sweaters and vests, accessories like hats, bags and gloves to fun categories.  What's in fun?  Well I have had these Doctor Who socks rolling around as well as a Steam Punk something or other.  Oh AND there's a twist on this color work.  You can only do so much color work before you have to put a twist on it.  SHHH I can't say what it is just yet though.  Had too many books stolen out from under me with the proceeds still rolling into another's pockets... but that's another story.

I am going to need a bunch of knitters to test out my patterns and hold my hand while I jump up and down.  HAHA will make for some interesting knitting.  The best part is to have hands on for alll of the editing.  It's all my baby I get to actually do some talking! FUN FUN FUN!

The only bad thing that I can find in all of this is that it's soooooo terrible that I can't talk about this stuff.  You know how excited you get when you are working on projects and pulling yarn and all that... well I have to hold it all in!  I thought it was bad waiting for ads to come out and catalogs to come into print.  This is something else!  It will take about a year or more.  I think what I will do is make a journal of the entire process and then release the posts here, on my blog, after I the book hits the stands.  This way if you want to KAL you can follow me.  FUN!

This past week I posted a new pattern on Ravelry, the one I showed a bit of here in a previous post.  Birkie Love is designed to wear with sandals and has a neat foot.  All my feet are purled and so I show how to have the purls on the outside but you are knitting in stockinette... then inserting a lace pattern on the top of the foot.  It was neat to see my pattern on the pattern page at Ravelry, even though it only lasted like 30 minutes. Cool beans eh?
The next pattern will either be totally frivolous,,, a beaded (size 11 thank you very much!!! seed bead) thread lace hankie!  Or the lime green cashmere socks I have been writing as I went along.  I made up a pattern and didn't nail it until the ankle so when they are photographed, they are going to have to go into shoes!  HAHA but the pattern is lovely now and exactly what I want.  I keep thinking I should just hem and end them then rip it back to finish the yarn up.  I like to finish up the entire skein which is why I knit toe up.,,, then too it's cashmere... they are getting knit till there's no more yarn left!

BTW, the frivolous item above, it was entered into the What Would Jane Austen knit e-mag search ... I spoke with the editor of Spin Off the other day and she's returning my projects.  I only had 30 days to work up the portfolio and I had like 9 items LOL.   I had never sent in a proposal and don't even know what they are supposed to look like.  Mine was in a binder etc. etc. She said one of the designs made it down to the final cut before the last so I "almost" made it in even though they were only partially baked ideas.  Then too I was up against the dream team, I'm sure there will be some big names in the final magazine.  It was an experience, PHEW I'm glad it's over though so that now I can send those items on to fruition as I wrote out the patterns as I was doing the swatching and designing.

Now, if I could only finish up this afghan I have been commissioned on.  UGH it's just draaawwwwing out!  Thing have a way of doing that when you have something else that you are just itching to get involved in.  I shouldn't say that it's drawing out as I only recieved the yarn on about 3-15 and it's about a twin size so I'm really flying but then I have no life! 

HAHA pretty good for someone who's house and chair bound eh?  I may not get out much but I sure get around!  Off to my editing, ya'll have a great weekend.

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