Thursday, March 17, 2011

Autographs and birthdays!

How much fun is this!  A virtual book signing tour in my own dining room!  I only WISH I could be there in person to sign the book.

Since the book is a co-operative we are signing little book cards and then they go to the publisher who will put them into the autographed books... wouldn't you know it... I signed sideways on the needles!  :-)  In case you missed it I didn't send round the URL to purchase the book as I'm supposed to be getting one where I get a larger proceed of the sale.... it's only open to pre-sale at the current time.

This is one of only a couple of photos of myself that I have allowed out since I got sick... it's really touched up too as the pain is read all over my face.  It's really changed since the photo of me in the ILS shawl.  :-(  Not thrilled which is why I don't allow my photo to be taken but rarely.  This was one of those life time moments though.... just wish I could be there in person at say Rhinebeck WAAAAAAAAA!

Then here's DD, she just turned 14 and the stuff her soon to be sister brought her are her favorite items.

Well I'm off to dye turquoise and black is just SCREAMING at me!  
You all have a super dee dooper day!!!!  


  1. Ooooh, Wendy, wish you could come to Rhinebeck! It's so close for us and we go for the whole weekend as a family. Such a great time!

  2. congrats are in order wonderful there are some nice pictures at Xmas time. I saw them. I want to get a book when it is open to the public. Tell little one when teen happy birthday love ya.

  3. How exciting to be part of a published book! I'll be one of the first in line to buy it! Can't believe Katy is fourteen already. Tell her "happy birthday"!