Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Spinning Optim

Well kiddies, between knitting, crocheting and quilting I have been spinning.  Having such a wide variety of play things has helped my hands to heal after the last go round of work.  I'm so pleased that they aren't hurting!!!  You can't imagine how nice it is to not be working for a time.  I will be glad to have more work though to be able to help with the groceries.

Anyway, wanted to show you what I have been spinning and ask for advice.  I'm wanting to knit this up and write up a pattern for something.  Not sure which direction to take, I think I will end up with a simple triangular lace shawl though.  This is Optim from Conjoined Creations, say hello...  " Hi Optim"

Optim say hello to kiddies....  "wooo, [squish]"

So if you aren't aware Optim is stretched merino and it's soft as cashmere... silk,,, lovely!  My favorite colors of course, purple, blue and green.  I have pulled out the purple and made up separate skeins of purple/burgundy and then another skein of blue/green.  It's really lovely stuff... you have to feel it to believe it.  When you knit it up there's NO elastic so many items are struck off of the list right off the bat.... socks being at the top of the list, trust me, I have a pair of knee highs that are more like elephant ankles.  I have spun it fine and it's 2 ply at about fingering weight.  I keep coming back to a striped triangular shawl.  Any type of knit "wear" wouldn't be elastic so many items are just taboo.  You wouldn't want to make a bag or something that's not next to the skin cause it's so soft and expensive.  Can't make a hat as I have too many yards (want to use them all and there should be about 600+) and again, no elastic.  So I keep coming back to beaded lace shawl.  I think with the yardage and the size it would make a large enough shawl.  What would you make from it?

Another photo of the ultimate doggie, he made the nest himself as I shaved him recently, LOVE my Boo.

So tell me what would you do with 600+ yards of a fingering?  Shawl?


  1. 600 yards = shawlette for me. Beautiful!

  2. I love that yarn! I've always wanted to spin (you and I must be kindred spirits) but I think I'll wait till the babies are older. I can't imagine those colors and your description of how elegant it is as anything other than a shawl. Beautiful!!!!!!

  3. I've followed you here from a Yahoo group we're in together, one or another of my KAL groups.

    Anyway, I kind of like this one:

    Got it from this site: