Friday, February 11, 2011

I'm going to be a GRANDMA!!!

Well so much has happened that I really don't know where to begin.  Perhaps the beginning is a good place eh?   ;-)

Lets start with the subject matter.  I got a call from my eldest the other day and I'm going to be a GRANDMOTHER!!! FINALLY!  I feel like I have been waiting all my life but he's only 25 so that's not right.  Could be more like the 7 or so years that they have been together though.  :-) I have LONG wanting my DIL to be really, legally mine.  We all love her so much and she has long these many years been considered by all of us as part of the family.  Now she's bringing me even more joy with a baby.  We both think it to be a boy, how foolish are we!  I love her so much and she's making me mighty happy.

So, I can't talk too much on here as they both read my blog BUT I can tell you about a few of the things we have pulled out.

1) EvenStar... yes I STILL haven't finished it.  I knew going in that I wanted this to be the veiling that I wanted to be able to offer all my children and their children to wed under.  It's a circle and so can be bunched up, stuck into the hair and then draped over the face, hung down the back and flipped back for a kiss!  YUM

2) The Quilt!  He has seen it but I don't think she has.  WOW What a challenge... about 3 months to hand piece and hand quilt a queen sized double wedding ring quilt which goes diagonally from top left to bottom right color wise.  Needless to say I have it charted and every block colored in.  There's a purple alternate blue block border which has a yellow row too.  Then it goes from dark to light across the other diagonal then back to dark.  CRAZY man!!!! you really have to focus to get them sewn together correctly.  How many are done?  HAHA 2 blocks of 256 I think.  The good news?  Yesterday Boogie Man got out the machine and found out he can sew up the curves likety split!  So that's going to cut the time down.  They can only sew the curves and make the units (eye balls).  I do all the major appliquing.

3)  DD is finished with school and is just now settling down to her project shhhhhh not now.  (broohoohoahhahaa)

4)  My project (brohooohahahha) not on your life!  You no hear! I tell you later and ya'll will see. :-)  But not now.  Suffice to say I have researched, polled and gotten enough advice to know what I can and can't use for machine washable goodness in LA's heat.  ;-)

Ok, so then just right now... I FINALLY loaded all of my patterns for sale at Ravelry!  FINALLY! I only sell one ever few months but it's just nice to have my designs sell at all.  COOL BEANS EH?  I'm so happy to have gotten over that puter illiterate hurdle that you can't imagine. I had to push and push on Ravers owners till I got through and now VIOLA you can purchase the patterns there.

MY WORK IS DONE!!! YIPEEE SKIPPEE!  I have a massive box to be shipped back here soon.  They tell me there might be more work some day but my hands are saying NOOO WAY..... I didn't tell them no as we need food.  :-)  Ya'll know what that means? I lost weight.  So it's a good thing.  I'm just making sure the kitlins get fed and I have enough "extra" to get me through the dry spell... and THEN SOME. :-)

The book is out for presale.  I will let you know when I have my link that will give me the sale instead of global pot type thing.  :-)  I'd rather ya'll didn't buy it just yet... IF you were thinking about it that is.

Ok, enough I want to get to work now.  Fun work!  Quilting and spinning and kniting Oh My!  Said in my best Oz voice.  Ya'll have a great weekend.


  1. congrats sis being a grandma is a joy that can not be explained you just feel it

  2. Many congratulations on the news, Wendy. It is good to "hear" you sounding so happy and well.
    Best wishes,
    (You "know" me through Ravelry and the EZ RAvelry group.)