Monday, February 21, 2011

Galadrils Mirror DYED!!

YUM I'm so happy, I have only 4 more row's of Clue 2 and I HAD to get into more trouble... ya'll know me by now to know that this is my forte.  So when I was getting Clue 2 of In Dream's I saw this.... Galadriels Mirror and fell in head over heals in love!  Honest to goodness, it was love at first sight.  Some purchased one of my patterns off of Ravelry, YEAH!!!  so I was able to purchase it.  YUM  Course I had to have yarn and I knew just the PERFECT yarn for it.  The silver shot sock yarn I'd purchased awhile back... but it was bare,,, oh no I have to dye!  BROOHOOOHAHAHA!  I have been dyeing to dye so I did!  Felt pretty ok today as I have been getting 10-11 hours of sleep per night and that mello's out the FMS.  So Kat, I remembered you sweetheart and I made ONE extra skein.  It's sock weight just like DIC's Starry that I feel in love with way back.  I LOVE what happened while dyeing today.

Photo's are really bad,,, the light which looks white is actually light blue.  You know my camera UGH... anyway........  terrible camera,  you can't even see the silver :-(
Whaddaya think?    I'm so excited to get started so awaaaaayyyyyy I goes!


  1. Oh, that is SOOOOO beautiful!!! Am I the Kat in your post???? Oh boy, if I am, you bet I want it! Love you! -K

  2. Oh boy Wendy, that is glorious and I CAN see the silvery twinkle! Absolutely lovely. Wendy in UK