Wednesday, February 23, 2011

DD's Neibling on DD! Chop Bard

Ok so we are knitting fiends I know.  LOL here's DD's Neibling for those of you who have been awaiting the reveling.

 She's excessively pleased with the results as well she should be.
Fortunately she had enough yarn, I had no idea she was getting so close.  Good thing she made only 6 repeats instead of the 12 the pattern calls for.  This was done on size 5 needles with Colourmart silk lace weight and is a half shawl that I seamed for her,,, vigorously due to it being silk.  Now she's bad to her hand spun shawl... lovely pinks and browns from BFL roving I bought off of etsy for a birthday I believe.

Made a hat for BoodgieMan as he's ALWAYS cold.  Used Karaoke and I'm just putting ear flaps on as an afterthought as he wore it to bed last night and it didn't stick.  We are forever too hot due to his coldness... and DH's,,, now if only I could talk him into wearing wool we'd be just right.

Will have more photos in a bit as I have got to show you my Mirror... coming along swimmingly!  LOVE IT!
 Due to the intensity of the knit we are listening to my I tunes,,, Heather tuned me into Chop Bard  and I have been wanting to get back to Woman In White as I think I missed some of the last episode and thought the children would LOVE it.  So awaaaay we go!  Have a great one.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! How very talented she is. Does she have an eye for designing? She could certainly grow her talents into a nice home business.

  2. Absolutely beautiful - and well matched by her smile. She has good reason to be pleased with her work!

  3. Wow, what a beauty! Katie's got it!