Friday, February 18, 2011

BSJ finished

Hi Kiddies, you aren't going to believe this but we are still finishing up with the Christmas movies we recorded NUTS EH!  You know it!  Ya'll knew that a long time ago though.

Just had to check in and LYK that I finished up the BSJ!  Cool beans eh?  They are really fast.  I did it from various blue, green and purple sock yarns on a size 4 needle.  It made an infant size, perfectly!  This is the same yarn I made my second Icelandic lace shawl out of.  We are matchy matchy, can't wait.

Then I was thinking since I still have so much yarn left over to either make a pair of plain  color change up stockings or to actually work me up a Fair Isle pattern and knit up some socks.  Not sure where I'm going with that.

On the left, what it looks like before folding... on the right what it looks like AFTER it's folded, WILD eh!!  I have learned just to trust the designer and do what they say.  Nine times outta 10 they are right.

 The spinning is still going well.  I have just a bit of the blue/green left and then I will move on to the last of the purple.  Then I can start my shawl.  It's gorgeous, in my head anyway.  It's a spiral with a bit of a lace pattern I made up and then a larger lace border.  Perfect for stripes as the lace inside is going to be fairly simple so it wont matter that I'm changing up the colors.

Then I got this wild hair to make up some lace hankies for the wedding,,, shhhh... I have one almost complete now.  There's going to be an insert for it too that matches the edging.  I think I want 2-3 of them, not sure if they will all be alike or not.  This ones not finished of course and I dont' have the insertion made but you get the picture.  :-)

I miss knitting so I'm going to be happy to finish up the spinning for the shawl project.  I might just have to go back to these though as they have been calling my name... this is my own pattern... just something I have wanted to do forever.  These are my silver shot through yarn from DIC,,, Starry.

Hope ya'll are happy and looking forward to a great weekend.  :-)

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