Friday, February 25, 2011


Color... my plan is to do a purple on the gold since it will look so well with it,,, due to the fact that opposite gold is purple on the color wheel.  The highlights will be mostly golden and then spot shot of green, blue as well as a few other colors as I find that highlights are really keen in the yarn, just little blips and the overall "read" will be a deep saturated purple/violet.  GORGEOUS!  I love hand painting yarn!

Almost through chart 3 of the Mirror shawl!  I need to get you photos... OH and I got a bit of work so my personal knitting will go down here shortly WAAAAAa but we need the funds so it's a good thing,,, right?  Hope you are having a great weekend.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

DD's Neibling on DD! Chop Bard

Ok so we are knitting fiends I know.  LOL here's DD's Neibling for those of you who have been awaiting the reveling.

 She's excessively pleased with the results as well she should be.
Fortunately she had enough yarn, I had no idea she was getting so close.  Good thing she made only 6 repeats instead of the 12 the pattern calls for.  This was done on size 5 needles with Colourmart silk lace weight and is a half shawl that I seamed for her,,, vigorously due to it being silk.  Now she's bad to her hand spun shawl... lovely pinks and browns from BFL roving I bought off of etsy for a birthday I believe.

Made a hat for BoodgieMan as he's ALWAYS cold.  Used Karaoke and I'm just putting ear flaps on as an afterthought as he wore it to bed last night and it didn't stick.  We are forever too hot due to his coldness... and DH's,,, now if only I could talk him into wearing wool we'd be just right.

Will have more photos in a bit as I have got to show you my Mirror... coming along swimmingly!  LOVE IT!
 Due to the intensity of the knit we are listening to my I tunes,,, Heather tuned me into Chop Bard  and I have been wanting to get back to Woman In White as I think I missed some of the last episode and thought the children would LOVE it.  So awaaaay we go!  Have a great one.

Monday, February 21, 2011

InDreams Clue 2

Well, she's finished until 3/4 when the next clue comes out... it's so neat to put your hand on the beads, there are so many it's just lovely.

Shane took the photo, I think he did a great job.  He found a flower in a flower,,, see the larger flower.  Cool eh!!!!  Can't wait for the next clue so I have started Galadriels Mirror meanwhile.

Hope you all have a great night.

Galadrils Mirror DYED!!

YUM I'm so happy, I have only 4 more row's of Clue 2 and I HAD to get into more trouble... ya'll know me by now to know that this is my forte.  So when I was getting Clue 2 of In Dream's I saw this.... Galadriels Mirror and fell in head over heals in love!  Honest to goodness, it was love at first sight.  Some purchased one of my patterns off of Ravelry, YEAH!!!  so I was able to purchase it.  YUM  Course I had to have yarn and I knew just the PERFECT yarn for it.  The silver shot sock yarn I'd purchased awhile back... but it was bare,,, oh no I have to dye!  BROOHOOOHAHAHA!  I have been dyeing to dye so I did!  Felt pretty ok today as I have been getting 10-11 hours of sleep per night and that mello's out the FMS.  So Kat, I remembered you sweetheart and I made ONE extra skein.  It's sock weight just like DIC's Starry that I feel in love with way back.  I LOVE what happened while dyeing today.

Photo's are really bad,,, the light which looks white is actually light blue.  You know my camera UGH... anyway........  terrible camera,  you can't even see the silver :-(
Whaddaya think?    I'm so excited to get started so awaaaaayyyyyy I goes!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

In Dreams Clue 1

So I have been working on the In Dreams KAL by Susan Pandorph,,, what a GREAT designer!  This thing is unbelivable.  I'm probably going to have to dip dye it over again as I'm not to fond of what the yarn color is doing.  I'm thinking of overdyeing in light purple... or a light pink... what do you think?  Not like you can't see the patterning but there's a bit too much orange in it for me.  If you were going to overdye... would you dip dye?  Would you use purple?  Or pink?  Either way it would be a semi solid with bits of darker coloring... would the colors change to all purple?  All pink?  I'm dyeing to dye!!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

BSJ finished

Hi Kiddies, you aren't going to believe this but we are still finishing up with the Christmas movies we recorded NUTS EH!  You know it!  Ya'll knew that a long time ago though.

Just had to check in and LYK that I finished up the BSJ!  Cool beans eh?  They are really fast.  I did it from various blue, green and purple sock yarns on a size 4 needle.  It made an infant size, perfectly!  This is the same yarn I made my second Icelandic lace shawl out of.  We are matchy matchy, can't wait.

Then I was thinking since I still have so much yarn left over to either make a pair of plain  color change up stockings or to actually work me up a Fair Isle pattern and knit up some socks.  Not sure where I'm going with that.

On the left, what it looks like before folding... on the right what it looks like AFTER it's folded, WILD eh!!  I have learned just to trust the designer and do what they say.  Nine times outta 10 they are right.

 The spinning is still going well.  I have just a bit of the blue/green left and then I will move on to the last of the purple.  Then I can start my shawl.  It's gorgeous, in my head anyway.  It's a spiral with a bit of a lace pattern I made up and then a larger lace border.  Perfect for stripes as the lace inside is going to be fairly simple so it wont matter that I'm changing up the colors.

Then I got this wild hair to make up some lace hankies for the wedding,,, shhhh... I have one almost complete now.  There's going to be an insert for it too that matches the edging.  I think I want 2-3 of them, not sure if they will all be alike or not.  This ones not finished of course and I dont' have the insertion made but you get the picture.  :-)

I miss knitting so I'm going to be happy to finish up the spinning for the shawl project.  I might just have to go back to these though as they have been calling my name... this is my own pattern... just something I have wanted to do forever.  These are my silver shot through yarn from DIC,,, Starry.

Hope ya'll are happy and looking forward to a great weekend.  :-)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Spinning Optim

Well kiddies, between knitting, crocheting and quilting I have been spinning.  Having such a wide variety of play things has helped my hands to heal after the last go round of work.  I'm so pleased that they aren't hurting!!!  You can't imagine how nice it is to not be working for a time.  I will be glad to have more work though to be able to help with the groceries.

Anyway, wanted to show you what I have been spinning and ask for advice.  I'm wanting to knit this up and write up a pattern for something.  Not sure which direction to take, I think I will end up with a simple triangular lace shawl though.  This is Optim from Conjoined Creations, say hello...  " Hi Optim"

Optim say hello to kiddies....  "wooo, [squish]"

So if you aren't aware Optim is stretched merino and it's soft as cashmere... silk,,, lovely!  My favorite colors of course, purple, blue and green.  I have pulled out the purple and made up separate skeins of purple/burgundy and then another skein of blue/green.  It's really lovely stuff... you have to feel it to believe it.  When you knit it up there's NO elastic so many items are struck off of the list right off the bat.... socks being at the top of the list, trust me, I have a pair of knee highs that are more like elephant ankles.  I have spun it fine and it's 2 ply at about fingering weight.  I keep coming back to a striped triangular shawl.  Any type of knit "wear" wouldn't be elastic so many items are just taboo.  You wouldn't want to make a bag or something that's not next to the skin cause it's so soft and expensive.  Can't make a hat as I have too many yards (want to use them all and there should be about 600+) and again, no elastic.  So I keep coming back to beaded lace shawl.  I think with the yardage and the size it would make a large enough shawl.  What would you make from it?

Another photo of the ultimate doggie, he made the nest himself as I shaved him recently, LOVE my Boo.

So tell me what would you do with 600+ yards of a fingering?  Shawl?

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day 2011

I hope you have a wonderful day today.  DH and I are having a quite evening at home.  He bought me the cutest stuffed animal which seems to be replacing my current bear that I have had since I was 18!!!!  YUP, close to 50 and I still sleep with a stufty (the children's new word).

Believe it or not it's a TURTLE!  cute little bug eyed guy.  He doesn't have a name... can you pick one for him?

The truffles are divine!  I do love my sweet heart.

Since we are outta money I thought all I was going to be able to do for him was clean up the front room and make a meal.  Unfortunate planning ended us up with ham and bean soup which is his least favorite so we made a quick salad and he got a grilled chicken breast and corn bread.

Last minute saved me.... the mail came in with 2 really late presents from Scotland, a hat and tie in our tartan.

Isn't he adorastinkingble!!! (my new word)   He's so cute!  I think he will actually wear this one to church and perhaps on Tartan day which I believe is coming up soon.

Other then that we have been pulling things out of the old office as Mom's sure she's moving up in June YEAAAAAA!!!!  Last night one of the kitlings piped up and screamed Grandma's coming to live here soon!  HAHA none of us can wait.

My Boo having a bath, isn't he cute!  He loves me.... and lets me get away with all sorts of stuff.  I shaved him real good just before this dunking!  He really doesn't like bath time but he is very good about it.

Let me leave you with a bit of fauna... the local wildlife... solitary... very unusual.  She was all alone just outside of our fencing.

I'm soooooo bummed that I can't share all my baby stuff!  If it's not work stuff that's on the QT it's gifties... oh well... ya'll will get to see it all some day.

Hope ya'll had a great Valentines Day, please do comment and let me know what you did for it.  How did you share it with your loved ones?

Friday, February 11, 2011

I'm going to be a GRANDMA!!!

Well so much has happened that I really don't know where to begin.  Perhaps the beginning is a good place eh?   ;-)

Lets start with the subject matter.  I got a call from my eldest the other day and I'm going to be a GRANDMOTHER!!! FINALLY!  I feel like I have been waiting all my life but he's only 25 so that's not right.  Could be more like the 7 or so years that they have been together though.  :-) I have LONG wanting my DIL to be really, legally mine.  We all love her so much and she has long these many years been considered by all of us as part of the family.  Now she's bringing me even more joy with a baby.  We both think it to be a boy, how foolish are we!  I love her so much and she's making me mighty happy.

So, I can't talk too much on here as they both read my blog BUT I can tell you about a few of the things we have pulled out.

1) EvenStar... yes I STILL haven't finished it.  I knew going in that I wanted this to be the veiling that I wanted to be able to offer all my children and their children to wed under.  It's a circle and so can be bunched up, stuck into the hair and then draped over the face, hung down the back and flipped back for a kiss!  YUM

2) The Quilt!  He has seen it but I don't think she has.  WOW What a challenge... about 3 months to hand piece and hand quilt a queen sized double wedding ring quilt which goes diagonally from top left to bottom right color wise.  Needless to say I have it charted and every block colored in.  There's a purple alternate blue block border which has a yellow row too.  Then it goes from dark to light across the other diagonal then back to dark.  CRAZY man!!!! you really have to focus to get them sewn together correctly.  How many are done?  HAHA 2 blocks of 256 I think.  The good news?  Yesterday Boogie Man got out the machine and found out he can sew up the curves likety split!  So that's going to cut the time down.  They can only sew the curves and make the units (eye balls).  I do all the major appliquing.

3)  DD is finished with school and is just now settling down to her project shhhhhh not now.  (broohoohoahhahaa)

4)  My project (brohooohahahha) not on your life!  You no hear! I tell you later and ya'll will see. :-)  But not now.  Suffice to say I have researched, polled and gotten enough advice to know what I can and can't use for machine washable goodness in LA's heat.  ;-)

Ok, so then just right now... I FINALLY loaded all of my patterns for sale at Ravelry!  FINALLY! I only sell one ever few months but it's just nice to have my designs sell at all.  COOL BEANS EH?  I'm so happy to have gotten over that puter illiterate hurdle that you can't imagine. I had to push and push on Ravers owners till I got through and now VIOLA you can purchase the patterns there.

MY WORK IS DONE!!! YIPEEE SKIPPEE!  I have a massive box to be shipped back here soon.  They tell me there might be more work some day but my hands are saying NOOO WAY..... I didn't tell them no as we need food.  :-)  Ya'll know what that means? I lost weight.  So it's a good thing.  I'm just making sure the kitlins get fed and I have enough "extra" to get me through the dry spell... and THEN SOME. :-)

The book is out for presale.  I will let you know when I have my link that will give me the sale instead of global pot type thing.  :-)  I'd rather ya'll didn't buy it just yet... IF you were thinking about it that is.

Ok, enough I want to get to work now.  Fun work!  Quilting and spinning and kniting Oh My!  Said in my best Oz voice.  Ya'll have a great weekend.