Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pink Abalone Sweater and Organizing

 This is my Pink Abalone Sweater, say hello to the nice people,,, "smoshelllooosmosh".  :-)  I didn't bother blocking it as it's bulky in the middle and WW on the edges.  Would take forever to dry and I'm wearing it now so that's not cool.  I made this a coons age ago and only just steeked it.  I had done all the ribbing, just needed the button bands.  Fun eh?  Different but ya'll know me... from Mars or something. Oh, it's called Pink Abalone as I have lovely abalone buttons on it.  A long time ago I purchased a bunch of different buttons from a place in LA.

OOOOOOOOO I have been having fun organizing stuff.  I LOVE to organize when I have the correct supplies at hand to do it.  Like containers, so important to have the supplies.  :-)  My closet knit wear is all wool and has to be protected against:
{insert drum roll and evil music}
                  my mortal ENEMY  
                                  The Moth!!!
 {and now back to your regularly scheduled program} 

Yes I know I told you before but now there's MORE.... and  PHOTOS! YIPEEEE  DD ran round and took these for me as I haven't been doing so well physically but you get the gist of it from the photos.

So yesterday I needed a spice and they were in the cupboard, on the counter in a rack, on the wall in another rack and in the pantry in bags.... lots of little bags.  I wrote a template up for the children in Microsoft and set them on it.  They did a wonderful job, cleaning decluttering, reorganizing, labeling and finally listing them all as a .doc so we know what we have.  There was so much wasted space before and now they have condensed them all down and put the bags into a box... simple, effective and now we can find our spices!  They are still in the two spice racks but now they are full and labeled.  LOL there was one interesting time when I was chewing on something green,,, finally figured out that it was Marjoram.  I have mint and pounds of the herbs needed to make a sleep tincture that's so needed.

Next I would like to get to work on organizing the tea and all my dye supplies and powders.  See we are creeping up on the BIG ONE!  This massive 12' long closet that's up to the ceiling with yarn, roving, papers, home school stuff, paints, craft stuff... you name it it's in there!  We really need to get everything out of the closet, sort, trash, recycle, Thrift Store and put all the fibery stuff into my main stash. I can't wait as I know alot of goodies will be found... those who have been missing in action and needed for so long... will be FOUND! FUN!! So we are creeping up on that major work day.  Soon though there's not going to be anything to do around here!  HAHA like that would EVER happen.  

This post is long and just going to get longer :-( sorry, I will try to keep it short.  I got my auto harp and it needs all new strings so I ordered them and will take it all to shreds and learn all about it by putting it back together and tuning it.  :-)  What better way to learn about something?

While I knit I either watch movies or listen to my Ipod.  I have books loaded on there from Librivox and for the longest time I have wanted to read for them to help them out as I'm so grateful.  So I have this headset with a boom mic and a clip on one, downloaded Audacity and made a small sampling OH ME!  It's so funny to hear your own voice and I get the giggles and before you know it I have to edit.  Learning how to edit is another matter though.  I'm so very puter illiterate these days that I'm putting it off.  The other reason I haven't done it is that I have what DH lovingly refers to as my Froggie.  Having Froggy around 75% of the time it's really hit and miss as to when I could record. Lastly I can't remember stuff any more.  My short term memory is flat out gone and I do all the voices.  I think I can fix that by just listening to a sample of the voices before I go back to record after a break.  Right?  Good idear?  I have promised myself though and some day soon I'm going to make a good sample, learn how to edit and then put in a request to read.

OH one more thing... some day here when I have some time... HAHA you just saw all that I want to do above right?  But some day I would like to get out my Bobbin Lace kit and learn how to do it.  I have wanted to learn for YEARS so this is something I HAVE to do. 

My presentation that I worked so hard on all through January is off in the mail to Interweave Press!  This is the 6 patterns I designed for the book What Would Jane Austen Knit.  It ended up being a book on it's own!  I had a 1" binder packed with information, swatches, stories, explainations and parts of the information needed for patterns.  I even sewed on bows of yarn that I wanted to use for one of them.  LOL and I have contacted a distributor of super fine hand painted silk to see if I can use her stuff.  I'm so glad it's finally off and I can't make any more changes... DH WILL be reading through it much sooner next time as at the 11th hour he found some errors.  We don't find out if they will be taking any of my patterns on for the book until the middle of March.

Meanwhile.... I have knitting work.  I have a 60x60 afghan that's due to be mailed 2-25 at the latest AND two colorwork pillows.  Get this... I got the wrong yarn for the afghan AND found out last night as I was 1/4 up the pillow front that I hadn't received 2 skeins of yarn for that pattern... UGH LOL it wouldn't be a problem normally but with such a short turn around and us needing funds so desperately well... it might become a problem.  I'm really grateful to have the work right now as it's keeping my head on my work and out of the future and the middle of March!  :-)  Which is a very good thing.

So!  I'm staying really busy and plan to continue to until I DIE!  Work seems to be my solution to depression.  Being needed, having purpose and drive.  Also sitting out in the sun daily!  LOL :-)  

Vitamin D  
               makes for a      
                                      Happy Me

Hope you are all well and happy in the Lord.  Blessings upon you and yours.

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  1. I've always wanted to learn Bobbin Lace as well, although I don't have a kit right now. I just posted on my blog the 1st little legwarmer for my sweet little Abby. I am hoping to have the 2nd one done by next Sunday but we all know how that goes! LOL I need to do it quick because I had to alter a too-small pattern and I'm afraid if I don't get it done quick I will forget what I did. LOL The book you were submitting for sounds very interesting. The 2nd Mason Dixon Line knitting book has the cutest patterns for an Edwardian dress for a little girl and a matching shrug. I am hoping to make those next year for Abby. Ok, enough! I hope you have a good evening!