Monday, January 17, 2011

Organizing and Cleaning

Not two works that I'm able to say very often due to my in"valid"/chair bound status BUT today I get to say them.

Organized and Cleaned!  YES caps cause that's what it feels like.

BUT WAIT first I HAVE GOT to tell you what happened.  For years and years... a realllly long time I have wanted to get into the Loopy Ewe Sock Club.  Well I have been stalking them like crazy on their site and the Groupies!/theloopyewe hoping that I could finally get into the club for monthly shipments of kits.  WELL!!!  today when I was writing my blog... (OPPS two in one day what will they think! I know "Chatty Patty" just like they called me in Kindergarten! HAHA)  I had to go search for a URL and hit the short link to the Rav group accidentally,,, while I was there I thought... oh go ahead... so I scrolled down and SHAZAM!!!!  21 seconds ago Sheri had posted that the club was open!  OH ME I thought I'd have heart failure just trying to get the thing into the cart and checked out!  HAHA you should have heard me.  YIPPPIEEEEEEEEEE SKIPPPIEEEEEE  YEAHOOOOOOOOOO I was way into my -- go tell it on the mountain screaming meamie me.  :-)  HAHA  oh but it's fun.  I got all checked out and I wasn't the last PHEW so happy to finally have a spot in the club.  WHAT FUN!  Sheri had blogged about it and showed a photo of the bags that are coming in the club and I'm soooo the Bag Lady so this will be GRAND!!
then too on FB

Back to your regularly scheduled programing....

We had purchased 6 totes for my finished shawls and sweaters to use in my closet.  I had measured and was very careful to get just the right size which would fit with 2 stacked atop.  They have been here since Saturday but today was THEE day.  You see,,, prior to the totes we had clear bags, the kind that are sewn with real zippers and all.  The only problem was I'd  go in to grab a shawl and the entire SHELF full of them would fall ontop of me.  HAHA yeah what a sight.

So what with today being THEE day, I had DD carry them back and gather up some 3 x 5's and markers.  Then we went to town.  How I wish I'd have taken a before photo.  Our XL California King bed was MOUNDED with knitwear!!!!  What a sight to see.  It was just amazing so it made me smile.

The afterward looks something like this,,, 6 totes, 2 extra large bags and 4 smaller bags and it works.  Least it should work.  All my beaded shawls are in one, another has plain lace shawls, another heavy ones, you get the picture.  Then the bags are loaded with large things like long coats and most of my sweaters.  BUT now they are separated by the boxes which should keep them from coming down on me again.  HAHA well, one can hope right?  The boxes are a little too long for the shelf.  I think somewhere I have seen shelf extenders?  White wire thingys?  If anyone remembers anything like that please leave a comment.

So then there were a few exception items which are going to become gifts.  One I have never worn and will never get the opportunity to wear.  Another I realized was for the much smaller version of me with arms hanging down to the knees.  That one got whacked off and redone up and it's now a 3/4 length cardi for DD.  It's all hand spun and hand dyed... so gorgeous.  I will try to get a photo some day.  I can so see her in the black crepe de chene skirt I made and a lovely top with a silk scarf so pretty.

One of the items which is out needing fixing ... again another that has never been worn.  I just needed to steek it and make it into a cardi... thinking I will add some afterthought pockets as well.  It's a really pretty pink sweater... Pretty in Pink!!!  There's large (long) ribbing at the waist and elbow to hand.  So that shouldn't take too long.  Check with me tomorrow.  :-)   

Someone out there is saying ok... so what about the cleaning!  :-)  I got to clean a bit today!!!!  WHAT FUN!  Well, I wont tell you what the mess was lets just say I got to clean 6 large tiles of floor today down with a rag.  Your thinking I'm nuts right?  Well, I have never been able to clean for as long as we have lived here so when I "can" do it I'm very please to.  After I was finished with the floor I realized that I was very close to the cat tree house and that it was really hairy.  Well the rag that I had (after rinsing) was perfect.  It scooped up that hair real nice and I was even able to scrub at some stains a bit.

Now Daddy's home and it's time for hot Italian (sausage, pepper and onion, smothered in cheese on french bread) sandwiches!  The sauce has been cooking all day and it's smelling really good in here.

Pains low + energy is high = It's a GREAT DAY.  Hope you had a great one too!

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