Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mini Blizzard

First I have to show you our lovely lunch!  I love my family, DH for bringing all these lovely organics home and my chitlins for chopping most of them up.  Fresh dressing, the most lovely apple, cranberries, cause I love them and they are good for me and NUMMY Pignolas!  YUM, we have a local  area named after them, Pinon Pines... and yes there are tons of Pinon tree's all over up there.  We actually have a few of the pinecones here in the back yard.  The very last of the Honey Baked Ham is in my lunch too.  While I love the Holidays I'm REALLY glad to be back to my normal fresh raw eating,,, we all are.  I hope we can sustain it, it's hard getting and keeping fresh organic food so far from the city so I never take it for granted when we do get nummies in.


Promised Ya'll a snow day and... READY!!! here we goooooooooo!     The sillies.... all ready to go out and do some damage!  This is while it was still coming down... they sled on the driveway.  DH above is using a ruler on the white stuff after it had stopped.

Here's Coco and Spanky out in the back... it's not good for him but Coco WILL eat the snow!  Stands out in it even though we have this perfectly good shelter for him.  Silly Willy!


 What an engineering idea this 
was.  It's incredible to me that people can actually cut blocks from the ice and live in these things.  DH bought the children this teal thing and they pack it full of snow.   DS and DD started this thing after they tired of sledding.  Next time I think they will make the base smaller... if there ever is a next time.  It's a great deal of hard labor.  Had they known that going into it I don't think they would have tried it.

So then DH goes out.  DD wanted him to come help for a long time... finally he helped build another layer.  If only he would have thought a bit I'm sure he would have seen the disaster coming... can you see it there?  Yup they built it one ontop another instead of staggered as in a brick building.  My poor Dear lovely Daughter.... she got so discouraged as DH and Shane both gave up on her to do other things. :-( She was in tears!  So sad and said that "If you start something you should finish it!" and "If you have no intention of finishing you should never have started in the first place!"  WOW where did she get that?  Me? You think!!!  HAHA ok so I'm a stickler for seeing the job through to the end.  It's a good thing right?

 It was fun while it lasted but it never got higher then this.  The sides toppled in as soon as the temp got over 40 the next day.  So sad. 
Back to SNOWDAY!!!
Just wanted to share a bit more of the snow on the property.  This was in the beginning when the snow was still falling.  We always feed the birds.  When we were first married DH thought I was a total nutter for feeding the birds as we had so little back then but they have long given me great pleasure.  Since I have gotten too sick to manage the birds he has taken up the gauntlet and has been doing a great job of it.  Here you can see the bird feeder he set up.  It's about a foot tall... the roof comes off for easy access and the sides have the American flag on them.  An ode to the day he gets his lighted flag pole out in the front yard.  Actually I think Coco might like the seeds better then the birds as every time we have let him out of his side of the acreage he runs -- flies -- straight for the feeder!  Yeah, we are all a little mixed up here. ;-)

The view off of our back porch... it's so lovely here... we all at different times have just sat looking around,,, day dreaming.  Guess the older you get the more you appreciate views like this as DH and I probably do it more then the children.  They do love all the various wild life though.  DS has become an avid bird watcher... no surprise there, just like me... she feels she HAS to ID the birds.  Cool though.  We have bought her a number of books on the local birds.

DH in the pristine snow.

Now for the trick shot... DH and DD trying to fool you as to how high the snow actually got.  I think we got something like half a foot!  HAHA they are standing in the shut off hole for the water hydrant!  DH the kidder.... LOVE ME THAT MAN!

A fitting end.... me saying no don't take a picture, I'm in too much pain!!! It really shows on my face... but COVERED IN CRITTERS!!!!  There's only one indoor animal who's missing from this photo.  Little Mans... the grey cat... has a black and white long hair who's his son.  He got this coloring from his mother and the long hair?  Who know's... we really have to keep at that stuff... keeps the bunnies down and the hair ball congestion at bay.

Now I owe ya'll a knitting update.  Need to get me some photos of the ones that I CAN show.  Until then, ya'll have a super de dooper day!!!!  GOD BLESS!


  1. Great pictures; beautiful scenery! Looks like not only the kiddoes enjoyed playing in the snow!

  2. Oh, I feel for Katie! How about a nice, uh, tent?