Monday, January 17, 2011

Knitting and Winter

It's been very much Spring like here with temperatures in the 70's.  We still have a bit of snow on tops but it's nice and dry here.

Here is the much promised Knit Sibs catchup day.  First of course I'm working on projects for my attempt at getting into another book.  Those are all hush hush and on the QT.  The rest are all fair game.  Course go to find my MS 19 and I can't ... does that mean you have already seen it?  Hum...

 COSMIC!  These are the stocking I have been telling you about.  I knit them 2 at a time, toe up off of a sock blank that I had dyed.  It is all space and aurora and the cosmos for me.  I really enjoyed it.  I needed these (and many more to come) to cover my knees for the Arthritis.  I find that when my knees are completely covered the pain lessens.  Course what with it being 70 out it's really not the time for them.  The last bit of black there is where I added another ball of yarn to get the length I needed.  On the top there is a bit of a garter.  I took some lovely butterflies on black ribbon... made a crochet thread cage for it and ran elastic through the back.

Since these are done
This is my day time knit...  it's a top.  Remember the Ruca yarn that I had wanted forever!!! FOREVER!!!!  Well this is it!  LOVE IT!  It's so soft and nnnnnnnnnnnnummmmm!!!!  My words escape me.  I need to make some sleeves and then just knit up the top. I'm wanting to add an opening or something to jazz up all that solid a bit.  It's a tad on the dull side for me.  As you will see when we get down into my sewing later.  Momma bought me my Tinkerbell doll.  My first plushy.  Well, first real one.  I need somethings more plush and cuddly.... as her wings "will shoot your eyes out."
 Then at night I have been knitting on the next two projects off and on while I read.   I have a book stand and some elastic to keep the book open and a book light.  All set up.

This is Sonnet... Sonnet say hello to the nice people... smoshhellosmoshy.  HAHA All it needs is the sleeves which I'm totally not following protocall for.  The pattern has them flat and one at a time.  For me they are 2 at a time and I'm designing this extended cuff to have a button there too.  Going to edge the button band in groosgrain ribbon and then will edge the entire thing in something not sure what.  Hey I could even do a biaz type tape outta fabric.  Dunno yet.

So, then, when I'm not working on Sonnett I'm doing a K2P2 on my stockings.  I have learned alot about gradiation since I started these... only wish I knew half of what I needed to know when I was only just in the dye process.  You can see I nailed it in the turquoise to green.

 Next in line is probably out of one of these bags. The 2 cones are enough for 2 lovely cobweb shawls!There's cream cashmere as I want to knit DD a lovely ensemble of hat, scarf/shawl and mitts for next year. 
Beaded, cream,,, lovely.  Simple, lace with a bit of ruffling.  I can get more of the cashmere any time but it's a bit pricey so I can't buy much at a time and what with the project being cream,,, hey,,, good to go as theres NO dye lot.

See the bottom bag?  Those are long strand color changes. REALLY need to make a shawl from them.

What you see on the right is a photo of my two new skirts.  The one on the right is my Tink skirt!  YUP finally got me 5 yards of fabric and went TINK!  I love my little winged friend.  She and I have been on many a jaunt together.  The other photo on the left is the pillows I whipped up on Christmas morning as I really wanted a Tink plushy.  Mom ended up calling when she got home and bought me the one up above by the Ruca top.

So here's our nutzo weather... This is the early morning frost on an oak, left... and on our squiggly tree's right.
 I really ADORE our squiggly trees.  DD wanted a stick to prop up a flower... the "stick" ROOTED!  So now we have some twigs in water and in dirt all with roots and leaves... ready for the "real Spring" and planting all the way round the house.  Can't wait.  It will be a total block out privacy screen.  should keep the dust down too as we have all dirt and high winds here.  They are fast growers too as the one in the photo is about 5 years old.

Lastly a bit of animal love time.  Here you can see Spanky has adjusted and settled in real well.  He's very happy with Coco and the children.  Needless to say the children are very happy with Coco and Spanky too.  Much love all round.

Hope you are having a great winter, enjoying the day, staying in the present and not lurking where you shouldn't be... in the past or in the future.  Live for today.  Carpe Diem!

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